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  1. MAC Mel

    looking for a makeup "director" chair...

    does anyone have any websites i can check out for makeup chairs? tia! below i have an attached pic of a lil something of what i had in mind
  2. MAC Mel

    L A S H E S..

    Where can I order some good/cheap lashes?
  3. MAC Mel

    makeup recs...anyone?

    So I'm in this black/white wedding. HEre's a pic of our dress...what kind of makeup do you guys recommend for this dress?
  4. MAC Mel

    pretty dress...

    I have this pretty dress...that I'm wearing to a wedding..what kind of make-up would you recommend for it?
  5. MAC Mel

    SF/DC Please Stand Up..

    Where is a good place to get your hair done? like haircuts/hightlights. Something that's up to date. TIA!
  6. MAC Mel

    Jam Session & Fushia Glitter

    So I just got my package from someone here on specktra. Right when I opened it...I kinda had a weird feeling that these were fake glitters, because are no batch numbers. Please correct me if I'm wrong. =/
  7. MAC Mel

    my BARBIE fotd

    eyes: primer whistle beauty burst springtime skipper magic dust playful blacktrack fluidline face: nc40 pearl sunshine fabs moisturegleam face primer lips: quartz malibu barbie clear gloss
  8. MAC Mel

    Hot Pink/black

    So I'm going out to the club this Saturday..and I have this black tube top dress with a hot pink belt...and hot pink pumps...What kind of make-up should I wear? I have fashionalable pink l/s...I was kind of thinking maybe...something like idol eyes e/s and carbon e/s..vanilla p/m??? What color...
  9. MAC Mel

    .hot Pink Traincase.

    Does anyone know where I can find a hotpink traincase?? a big one! TIA...
  10. MAC Mel

    asian girls: no eyelids

    alot of asian girls has no would you put on make-up for them?
  11. MAC Mel

    what do you think?

  12. MAC Mel

    "ahhh yes, right there...."

    Kinda got caught off guard...but o' well..I just like my make-up here...
  13. MAC Mel

    I love this top..fotd

  14. MAC Mel

    coppering fun...

    *click to enlarge* (excuse the eyebrows...I know I need a wax...big time! LOL) eyes: eye primer fast respond cream retrospeck coppering studied brown aquadisiac zoomlash mascara smolder eyeliner face: moisture feed moisturegleam prep + prime face fix + NC35 studio tech SSF NW35...
  15. MAC Mel

    Coincidence? You Decide!

    The new U.S. $20 dollar bill contains HIDDEN pictures of the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks! Yes! see for yourself... 1st) FOLD A NEW $20 BILL THIS WAY 2nd) CONTINUE TO FOLD THIS WAY Compare your fold precisely to this picture. 3rd) FOLD THE RIGHT SIDE UNDER, exactly as you...
  16. MAC Mel


    I was really bored and this is what I came up with...tell me what ya think..=]
  17. MAC Mel


  18. MAC Mel

    my first FOTD

    Check it out...hope u guys like it.. eyes: brule rule cork minted liner w/ a bluer blue shadow over it (I really wanted aqualine but ever damn store is sold out of it =/ ) face: moisture feed strobe cream nc 35-studiofix fluid blush-tantone refined golden lips: stripdown-liner pink cabana
  19. MAC Mel

    My collection*pic heavy*

    Hey guys, here's my collection. Not much...but I have more coming in the mail. I'll definately update. =) enjoy! I'm in need of a new traincase...a BIGGER one! lol my little traincase eye shadows piggies pallettes/LE blush/msf lipstick/lipgellies/lipglass...
  20. MAC Mel

    I LOVE this site...

    hi guys..I'm Melanie...another MAC addict as well..haha, I just joined this site today, and it is a lovely site. I love it! I LOVE MAC!