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  1. luvme4me

    Whats a comparable lipstick in MAC to Tarte Lively lip stain?

    I am hoping to recreate the look Kandde did with the color and use a plum liner but not sure what lipstick to purchase?
  2. luvme4me

    Nars make up artist on E - News? [Anyone catch it was on last thursday]

    Did anyone see that segment? He was using all Nars products and he mentioned something about always using cream eyeshadow before.... Has anyone seen the segmment online?
  3. luvme4me

    Anyother brush comparable to Nars #15 smudge brush?

    I really like the nars #18 brush are there any alternatives?
  4. luvme4me

    Advice Please How do I move on? [ps don't date co workers]

    delete Also I just recently found out that my so called best friend won't even make an effort to hang out with me and she just causally mentioned to me that she is "seeing a guy also a musician " that I used to see about three years ago but things ended badly after I found out he was sleeping...
  5. luvme4me

    How would I lighten my hair If it was dyed a really dark brown?

    I had a very big mishap in may[ a lady dyed half of my hair orange and chopped it off] and so I went to this lady to correct it and she dyed all of my hair a really dark brown almost black. Well its been months and my hair is still the same color. I just want to lighten up a bit but I don't want...
  6. luvme4me

    Are shadesticks used to enhance your eyeshadow?

    I don't own any shadesticks but thats what I have heard
  7. luvme4me

    Is there a spreadsheet to keep track of Inventory ?

    I have a spreadsheet for BE but I was wondering if there is a list for MAC? I saw the one for pricing but not of all the colors for every item just wondering Opps I did some typo's in the title sorry!
  8. luvme4me

    when did Nars night life collection come out?

    Anyone know?
  9. luvme4me

    Printable Nars eyeshadow swatches?

    Anyone know where I can find this?
  10. luvme4me

    Why doesn't MAC start an eyeshadow club?

    Anyone know what they say when you suggest it to them
  11. luvme4me

    Focusing on the eyes. [Need recs for these looks]

    I really would like to focus on my eyes. I perfer darker colors on my eyes. I want to be able to create differ looks here are some examples of what I like. If you click on them they will become HQ. Normally when I want to change up my makeup I usually just line my eyes with a bright blue or...
  12. luvme4me

    I am so sad! I got the MAC 182 Buffer Brush

    and it didn't work with my BE! I am totally bummed, I don't even think I can return it because I do not have a receipt it was a gift
  13. luvme4me

    is theere a list of eye shadows with there description?

    Is there one available? I know has a list but I would like descriptions. Nevermine I just noticed Mac has a description on each eyeshadow I will just copy and paste the ones I find
  14. luvme4me

    how much are eyeshadow refills?

    I was just wondering the differ in price between regular eyeshadows and refill eyeshadows? thanks
  15. luvme4me

    Any Foaming Precleansers like Dermalogica

    but cheaper than 30 bucks?
  16. luvme4me

    Tutorial/ color reccomendations 4 this look [pic]piv

    Color reccomendations for this look it seems like there is a lighter/green color shade all around the eyes whenever I try it I look so silly
  17. luvme4me

    Best kabuki brush?

    Any suggestions?
  18. luvme4me

    Small Ebay Hual

    I got this for a total of $11.58
  19. luvme4me

    My FF Seaphora Hual [NO MORE SHOPPING FOR ME!]

    I bought I seriously cannot shop anymore for at least a month. Its all the school stress and holiday stress.
  20. luvme4me

    liquid foundation or concelers [acne pron skin]

    Can anyone reccommend some products? right now I am using mac green concealer and my color on my old acne scars then I use a bit of cover girl foundation then I use some dermalogica powder, but I really want to stop using the cover girl liquid make up becuase I am trying to get rid of my old...