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  1. Grace

    going from dark brown to blonde

    Well. I've always wanted to try blonde but I've always been scared because that's a big change. I'm definately going to a salon for this one, I had a scary mishad with red a few years back. Has anyone here dyed from brown to blonde?
  2. Grace

    Possible Ebay Scam? Opinions wanted

    I am auctioning off a home theatre lcd projector i won through work. It's a discontinued model that retails for $2000 but is going up to $1000 on ebay with "buy it now"s. I got a "question from seller" email that I think is really weird and I'm pretty sure I've heard a scam, not through ebay...
  3. Grace

    Blot Powder

    I went to a MAC counter to try out the MAC foundations since I've never tried MAC foundations before. Well, I went with the Studio Tech foundation and asked which was the best powder to set it. I was given the blot powder from the ma since my skin can get oily. She was from the Lancome line...
  4. Grace

    Graphito paint

    I currently have graphito paint and I don't know quite what to do with it other than using it as a liner.
  5. Grace

    Need Foundation Recommendations

    Hey everyone...I'm running out of my low-end foundation and wanted to try out a mac again. The last one I tried was the HyperReal SPF and I didn't really like it. I have oily skin but as of lately the foundation I'm using is going on flaky because my skin's a bit dry now. I would perfer...
  6. Grace

    I'm new as well

    Hi everyone, I just registered yesterday after seeing a link to this place. This looks like a great place to get all my mac information at one handy place. The bulk of my makeup collection is Mac, Too Faced, Bare Escentuals, and Urban Decay. I love seeing other's makeup collections (yay for the...