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  1. Jillith

    Mad props!

    I'm so excited about the new features, esp the product galleries! Y'all rock!
  2. Jillith

    Messenger Bag & Tote Bag

    Are these the softsacs? I want one! Or two.... I saw one of the messenger bags in person but I dunno if it was the small or the large. Anybody seen these? Should I get one? Please advise! ROD3510
  3. Jillith

    Can you a rec a cream blush color for me?

    Which is better, blushcremes or ccbs? Can you rec a nice fresh peachy color? Or maybe a coral? I'm fairish, NC25. Thanks!
  4. Jillith

    What are Y'all Wanting from the New Sephora Catalog?

    Even if you haven't received a catalog, you can peek at it here: I love the colors in the new VL trio, but I won't be getting it because it is $30 and I already have a million permutations of those 3 colors. But I'll have to remember to try...
  5. Jillith

    what the heck are softsacs?

    Anybody have any clue?
  6. Jillith

    Dallas Pro Store!

    In Northpark Mall we have a freestanding MAC store. I visited today to check out the new colors and they told me that they are turning pro! Everything is expected to be in place by summertime, like July. So excited! *happy dance*
  7. Jillith

    Best mac concealer for undereye circles?

    I have pale skin and bluish cicrles. Any suggestions appreciated.