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  1. jjjenko

    need your help because i can't decide

    I really loved this ella moss dress, but couldn't decide on which color I liked. I have to return one of them... I'm really torn about which one to keep! I would like to hear your feedback! TIA
  2. jjjenko


    I haven't posted in SO long! Face- MUFE primer, MUFE HD foundation, MUFE HD powder, NARS mata hari blush Eyes- fresco rose p/p lid, UD sin (ild), omega e/s (crease), brown down e/s (outer v/crease), blacktrack f/l, ardel demi, UD virgin (inner corner) Lips- some...
  3. jjjenko

    makeup for this halloween costume?? help!

    Hey guys, I bought my Halloween costume today I am NC 35 with dark brown hair.... any suggestions on how to do my makeup? TIA
  4. jjjenko

    first time being hassled.. sephora return!

    My grandmother bought my mom a bottle of the Peter Thomas Roth un-wrinkle cream from sephora for her birthday a few months ago. My mom never used it so she gave it to me, and I didn't want it... so I thought hey! I want the amika hair curling rods, I can exchange it for that at sephora...
  5. jjjenko

    been a long time... using UD NYC palette

    I had this palette for so long, but never really got a chance to really use it. Face: Makeup forever duo mat Breezy blush Hoola bronzer (contour) Eyes: Brun e/s-brows Painterly p/p UD Haight e/s UD Loaded e/s UD Kush e/s UD Perversion...
  6. jjjenko

    choosing your false lashes

    I'm going to a semi formal event. I'm wearing a black dress with light purple makeup. I was wondering what kind of lashes I should use? I was also wondering how you guys decide on what kinda lashes to use on yourself when you are using them. Because I feel like I never know how to...
  7. jjjenko

    cut crease with glitter

    this photo was my inspiration. i only did one eye so no full face Eyes: UDPP crystal avalanche e/s carbon e/s espresso e/s soft brown e/s cosmetic glitter NYX...
  8. jjjenko

    what makeup is she wearing?

    I was watching this youtube video. I loveeeeddd the look. I'm going to a black dress cocktail party and would love to do this look for the party. I was wondering if you guys could help me figure out what she used on her eyes, cheeks, and...
  9. jjjenko

    dark green base rec?

    I have oomph e/s and would really like a dark green base for it. I'm looking for something like greengrease greasepaint stick. I totally missed out on that one. Do you guys know of anything similar to that? I'm open to recs from any brands
  10. jjjenko

    makeover time :)

    My friend megan said she could not pull off colors and asked me to do a look on her. She totally loved it =] I totally forgot to take a before photo =[ I only did her eyes because that was all she wanted. UDPP Brun e/s (brows) saihi f/l (base) love lace e/s...
  11. jjjenko

    clubbing with siahi =]

    I'm so glad I picked up siahi fluidline! love it! Face: MUFE HD Nars Mata Hari Eyes: Siahi f/l (base) club e/s (lid) UD zero (outer v) soft brown (crease) brun e/s (brows) grain e/s (highlight) blacktrack f/d Lips: NYX pumpkin pie
  12. jjjenko

    Awesome Lipstick Heels!

    haha wow these are pretty neat! would you rock these?
  13. jjjenko

    gift to significant other?

    I'm stumped as to what to get my boyfriend for Xmas this year. If you are planning to get your significant other a gift... what are you guys thinking about/planning to get them? For those that tell your significant other what you want.. what are you asking for? I kinda...
  14. jjjenko

    yay lashes

    I wanted to use my new MUFE 112 lashes so I did this look =] Face: Revlon PhotoReady Breezy blush Eyes: Carbon e/s Lovely Lily p/g UD last call e/s Soft Brown e/s Blacktrack f/l MUFE 112 lashes Brun e/s -brows Orb e/s-...
  15. jjjenko

    help with reflects blackened red pigment

    I recently purchased reflects blacked red pigment because I thought it would make a beautiful burgrundy glittery color, but I am having a lot of trouble working with it. I want to get it on my lid like it shows in the jar. When I use mixing medium... it is vibrant and I like it... but the mixing...
  16. jjjenko

    possible bad fairy nailpolish dupe

    I was looking around on Hot Topic online and found this nail polish. It looks like it could possibly a dupe for bad fairy nailpolish from the VV collection. I just doesn't look as sparkly/glittery but I wanna go check this out in person...
  17. jjjenko

    he needs too much attention?

    Me and my boyfriend have been dating since last Aug and on new years of this year we decided to make it official. Lately I've been going insane, because I feel like he's being too needy/needs too much attention. We go to school an hour apart, but we see each other every weekend. It first...
  18. jjjenko

    mermaid-ish eotd with half lashes

    I took a study break and decided to play with some colors. I only did one eye and I'm extremely pleased with the results I'm definitely wearing this one to my next party Products: UDPP Steamy e/s Freshwater mixed with deep truth e/s parfait amour e/s UD fishnet Orb e/s brun e/s (brows)...
  19. jjjenko

    2 FOTDs :)

    Please excuse the hair in the pictures, I took these before I was about to take my makeup off and take a shower. Face Revlon Colorstay Eyes UDPP shale e/s poison pen e/s orb e/s brun e/s blacktrack f/d random $1 lashes Lips angel l/s FACE revlon colorstay tippy blush EYES UDPP sea...
  20. jjjenko

    been a long time! EOTD greens & purple

    It's raining super bad here in orange county. I was bored and only felt like doing half my face. I haven't posted in awhile, so here goes! Face: Revlon Colorstay MSF medium deep tippy blush Eyes: UDPP Painterly PP bright future e/s shimmermoss e/s humid e/s romp e/s orb e/s purple haze e/s...