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  1. Femme Noir

    A Muse release date?

    Just wondering when A Muse will be released at Macy's counters. I've hearn July 15th and July 20th.
  2. Femme Noir

    about selling items

    Hi everyone. I was wondering how to go about selling items... Do people send you the money first, or you send the items first or how does that all go?
  3. Femme Noir

    MAC Lure

    When does this hit counters again? I forget
  4. Femme Noir

    Help me!!

    Hey guys. So monday i'm going to place an order for some stuff and i need feedback on these products... (for example... is it sheer/not sheer?, what it looks good with, why you like it or why you don't) Whatever you want to say about it... Thanks -snowgirl lipglass ( i want this cause i'm...
  5. Femme Noir

    Beginner's Lust Lipstick

    What collection is it from? I have it and i'm documenting what i own from each LE collection... I can't remember this one.
  6. Femme Noir

    CCO Locations! All locations!!

    How can I find out if there's one nearest to me?
  7. Femme Noir

    Hey MAC employees....

    Anyone's counter still have Flirty Number eyeshadow from Lingerie? And if so, does your location ship? I haven't even made a dent in mine yet, but everytime i use it, i know i need more of these!
  8. Femme Noir

    THis is what happens when you're bored...

    This is what happens when you're bored with lots of blue makeup at 1 o'clock in the morning! I used: Eyes: Electric Eel e/s White Frost e/s Blue Peep Fluidline (for liner and brows) Peacocky glitter liner (for liner and brows) Prussian powerpoint Lips: Sea Me shadestick Spring Bean Lustreglass
  9. Femme Noir

    Your fave discontinued/LE MAC products

    Hey guys... what are you favorite discontinued and/or Limited Edition MAC products? Mine are: Beginners Lust Lipstick from ? Punkin lipstick from Rebelrock Indie Girl Lipstick from Rebel Rock Tassle Lipstick from Ornamentalism Mystical Mist eyeshadow from Ornamentalism Flirty Number from...
  10. Femme Noir

    Liquid Last Liners

    So I was at my counter today and we just got in the Sundressing stuff. I was very excited to play around with the liquid last liners and they are AMAZING. AAAMMMAAAZZZIIINNNGGG!!!! I swatched all of them on my hand and 8 hours later they are still there going strong. Not to mention I've washed...
  11. Femme Noir

    Fotd 4-14-06

    Hey guys, this is what i'm wearing today . I purposely didn't blend the fushia pigment that well to give it an "edgier" look I guess you could say. Enjoy: eyes: chiaroscuro paint crimsonaire shadestick Mineralism e/s black tied e/s White Frost e/s Fuscia Pigment Lips: Fuschia pigment as...
  12. Femme Noir

    Makeup Artist Licenses

    Which states require a license for working as an MA?
  13. Femme Noir

    Need some Product Input

    Hey guys... There's some stuff I've been thinking about ordering and I just want to hear what everyone thinks of these. Most I've had the chance to play around with at work but hardly. So here goes: Overcast Shadestick or Frostlite fluidline (for bases) High Tea Lipstick Silver Ring e/s Lime...
  14. Femme Noir

    FOTDS (hope this works this time)

    [ If you're my friend on myspace, you've probably seen these before. I've been on specktra for awhile but i'm just starting to figure it out now! haha