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  1. Caderas

    Alice in a Winter Wonderland

    Shew! It's been a while since I've shown my mug here! I've been pretty busy with life in general, on top of doing the blog thing. It's a lot of work, and mine's not even that complicated, haha. Anyways, the other day, we had 8" of snow fall. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do an...
  2. Caderas

    Rockocco dupe? Amplified/juicy red!

    Hey ladies and gents, I have a little question! Does anyone know any dupes for the drool-worthy Rockocco l/s? I bought it from a lovely seller a while back and hardly use it because it's my little gem. It's a shade lighter than Russian Red, but it has a more bright appearance as well. The...
  3. Caderas

    brow lighteners!

    Hey guys.. you may have seen me on the FOTD boards, but I have a dilemna! My eyebrows are naturally a few levels darker than my dark ash-blonde hair. A few months back, I colored my hair back to blonde and now, it's lighter and when I don't have mascara or much make-up on.. it looks pretty...
  4. Caderas

    Blackheads/comodones.. YOUR ADVICE NEEDED! :)

    So, I know, I know. Blackheads, several people have them out there. But! I'm a firm believer that I have some of the worst and most stubborn blackheads known to man! It's a hereditary thing to have them all over the nose area and it's starting to drive me nuts! I haven't tried Biore...
  5. Caderas

    Halloween no.2: Ventriloquist Doll

    Okay, so finally! Here's my actual Halloween night look.. I wanted to be a ventriloquist doll last year, but it didn't end up working out! This year, I managed to throw an outfit together and do the make-up. Luckily, it didn't take 5-6 hours like the sugar skull mask! Face: Revlon...
  6. Caderas

    Halloween no.1: another Día de los Muertos face!

    On Saturday evening, my friends and I went out and saw a showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show in an old theater (which was a TOTAL BLAST!). Since they're college students, we all got decked out and dressed up that night! I was really wanting to do an intricate, real-life take on a Sylvia Ji...
  7. Caderas

    it's Tartan Tale time, awwwwww yeah!

    Woo-hoo, Tartan Tale day! Thought it'd only make sense to post this look today! Some of you might of already seen it on the Accidental Beauty site recently as well. I did a guest look for Resha's blog and based it off of the Tartan Tale promotion picture. Now, it doesn't look as identical...
  8. Caderas

    MAC Pink Opal dupes

    I'm slowly getting used to the fact that my favoritist Pink Opal pigment has been discontinued this year! Does anyone have any ideas for some good dupes? TIA!
  9. Caderas

    OPI Texas collection for Spring '11!

    I haven't seen anything about this here on Specktra, so I thought I'd pass the word for nail polish junkies everywhere! I was reading up on Lushious Beauty's blog today and came across her recent post on OPI's Texas collection for Spring! photo credits to just nice things Here...
  10. Caderas

    mmmmmmmm, Leopard Luxe look!

    OMG, look at the new formatted Specktra!! This is completely wild to me, haha. Anyways.. here's my very late Leopard Luxe look from the Fabulous Felines collection. I actually did this look a couple weeks ago, but I wanted to get my VV look out first since it's still in the now. I looked...
  11. Caderas

    this is what Maleficent's maid would look like!

    Hello again! I recently realized I've been a member here on Specktra for just over 5 years now! So.. what else to do but post a dramatic look to say thanks for all the help over the years. I did the look based on a post on Accidental Beauty's blog a week ago, which she used her "My Dark...
  12. Caderas

    High Saturation/Camille Rose Garcia-inspired look!

    Hey guys!! So, again.. thanks for all the love I got on my last 'Cherry Blossoms look'! It's much appreciated. Following that one, I did an extreme interpretation of Camille Rose Garcia's piece, "White Elephant Poison". Now, I realize with how bright my new hair color was at this time.. it...
  13. Caderas

    make-up company dilemna

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this! But hopefully someone can help me out here.. So, prepare for a short rant. I added a girl on Facebook a while back. I don't know how she came across me, but I befriended her anyways. She invited me to 'like' a group called "Veritas...
  14. Caderas

    Cherry Blossoms look!!

    Hi again So! I absolutely adore Japanese Cherry Blossoms. I decided to do a look based around a gorgeous photo of them that was more towards an editorial style. Hope you guys enjoy!! Face: Revlon Colorstay in 150 Buff MAC Face & Body in C2 MAC Harmony MAC Refined MSF MAC Invisible Set...
  15. Caderas

    Poetic License l/g

    Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone knows what collection this was from or if it was part of the permanent collection at one time! I bought it at a counter in 2007 or earlier. Tried to find it in the gallery of Collections here, but no luck! TIA <3
  16. Caderas

    photoshoot with a friend

    Hey again! A couple weeks ago I had a photoshoot with my cosmo school to finish up my grades. I had to do some kind of look with the hair, and knowing me, had to go out on the make-up. I get to go choose my photo for my portfolio tomorrow, woot! I'm a little sad my camera's pictures didn't...
  17. Caderas

    easy cat eye for the family bbq, yum!

    Hey guys! Thought I'd start posting some more of my recent looks again! I didn't want to go overboard for the family or anything so I stuck with classic liner, bold brows, and pretty pink lips cheeks: Harmony & Refined MSF eyes: UDPP, Vanilla, Orb, French Grey, Omega, Jane gel liner...
  18. Caderas

    discounts for make-up artists, etc..

    Hey guys! I just graduated from cosmetology school, and I'm doing my first wedding on Saturday. Make-up has ALWAYS been my passion and I'm so excited about it! My question is, what kind of papers do I need to keep/collect as proof for discounts through cosmetic companies? I know about tear...
  19. Caderas

    Cosmetologists, unite!

    Hey everyone! I'm just curious who in the forum has a license for the industry and what kind of jobs you've done, or plan to do! Also.. what field/path did you go down? (hair, make-up, nails, esthetics, etc) Thanks ladies and gents! <3
  20. Caderas

    Rimmel's new lipsticks!

    Walgreen's is having a nice 50% off on all Rimmel cosmetics this week so I was wondering if their new Moisture-renewel (correct name?) have that funky smell going on like their normal line of lipsticks? I would love to try a couple of them, but that smell/taste is pretty unappealing IMO! TIA<3