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  1. rebekah

    Halloween - doe a deer!

    I was a doe (eee my cute bf!) anyhow so i used : Ben Nye cream foundation in White random white e/s from the drugstore Smashbox's cream eyeliner pallet, the black and brown colors Embark e/s Carbon e/s lure l/l cargo waterproof mascara feathers from Michaels glued into my hair with...
  2. rebekah

    ungaro and 1 pearglide

    hey, i just went into some serious credit card debtage... but i look good . haha Anyhow, so here is what I got Ungaro Phloof! e/s Lilac Touch e/s Soft Flower e/s Mineral e/s Crushed Bougainvillea CCB Not So Shy, see thru color ANNNDND Molasses pearglide. Here is how I feel about everything...
  3. rebekah

    Jemma Kidd Collection

    hey guys i'd heard about the jemma kidd makeup line coming out.. they have it at Target and i came across it today . i picked up "Muse" lipstick and it's actually very flattering and stays on for a long time and is very nice! It is pricey for makeup sold at target (about $15) but I think that it...
  4. rebekah

    Could I be pregnant?

    Okay so here is the deal, I am on the pill, and I know it's too early to worry but I'm supposed to have started my period yesterday or the day before (i start my new pack in 2 days.) My symptoms that are making me worried : - sore nips (could be due to my bf playing w/ them during sex...
  5. rebekah

    Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream *eczema!*

    Hey, I was wandering through Publix and noticed this Aveeno *Baby* line and thought that since I have eczema that it would be even better for my skin than the normal Aveeno stuff... I was right, I'm in L-O-V-E This stuff says it "Soothes & Relieves Dry Skin Even Dry Skin From Eczema, Moisturizes...
  6. rebekah

    I Won Pursebuzz's Tokyo Hardcore Contest!

    I don't know where to post this, but I won FIRST place at!! woohoo!
  7. rebekah

    M.A.C Fafi event in Atlanta last night!

    hey guys, I went by our M.A.C store at Perimeter Mall in Atlanta (Dunwoody?) Georgia. and BOY was it packed! I didn't stay long because I was starting to feel faint and rather pushed around by all of the pushy people in there. It was sort of a dissapointment in that I have never been to an...
  8. rebekah

    I Gave Lauren A (SMOKEY EYE) Makeover

    Hey ya'll, My friend Lauren wanted me to give her a smokey eye makeover, and here are the results! It's always really fun doing her makeup because she NEVER wears makeup and always wears her beautiful hair up in a hairband! okay this pic is a little old but this is what she NORMALLY looks like...
  9. rebekah

    Glossy Fig.1 (brings out green eyes)

    hey ya'll so I was just sitting around thinking about a glossy black eye then i thought maybe an aubergine color would be nice, so I took Fig. 1 from the matte2 collection and wet my brush with my homemade mixing medium and put it all over my lids. Then I applied Gloss in Little Pink (Paris...
  10. rebekah

    Just Ordered From Stylistics! (couture Collection)

    hey guys i got an invite in my email from mac to go ahead and buy from the Stylistics line and get them whenever they are available and shipped first (Nov 27) so I bought one of the powder compacts and the eyeshadow brush. I really want the clutch but its $75 :/ i dont know if this link will...
  11. rebekah

    What pallet / items should I get mom(52) & sister (makeup newbie) for xmas?

    Hi I might have explained this all in the title but I want to find some gifts for my mom and sister for christmas. My mother always wants to wear makeup (she used to be a makeup queen and everything looked amazing on her) but now she complains that nothing looks right on her (I made her buy...
  12. rebekah

    A Couple Things

    Today I went to my freestanding MAC store and picked up Lustrewhite Lustregloss and Abstract and Shirelle nailpolishes. Boring post I know but at my MAC store if you do B2MAC you can get a lipgloss, eyeshadow, or lipstick.. it was so hard to decide so i just got a white lipgloss (ha. how boring...
  13. rebekah

    I'm A Barbie Girl! *Halloween Costume*

    Okay so I know I said I was gonna be a Ganguro but I got really sick and decided that I didn't feel like trying THAAAAT hard to get my outfit right So I ended up as Barbie!!! this is what i actually look like xo
  14. rebekah

    Working when you're SIIIICK!

    Hey guys, I work at Mellow Mushroom (pizza restaurant).. anyhow I have been sick for about 2 weeks now (bronchitis, pneumonia, strep?! who knows!) my doctor thought I just had a ''cough'' at first and i never went back to her but lately i've been coughing so hard that I've been practically...
  15. rebekah

    Makeup Mirror/Lighted mirrors? help me!

    Hey guys I'm not sure where to post this so sorry if this is the wrong spot! I don't know where to get a good lighted(illuminated?) mirror for my personal makeup application. I have one with bulbs around it but it's really small and the bulbs don't light very well... Can I see pictures of...
  16. rebekah

    Ganguro Kogal Japanese Girl look :) <for halloween>

    haha so on halloween i'm going to be one of those japanese girls that looks like this so i decided to practice! i plan on getting a blonde wig and some crazy beads and stuff.. what do you think
  17. rebekah


    hey guys i had mentioned before that i was going to do Fashionada (Betsey Johnson and some other designers represented) anyhow so I did it and it was wonderful! The girls looked a lot cooler in person and I wish that I had better pictures of them! i had the girl on the left my friend...
  18. rebekah

    What From Mac Changed My Life?!

    The 224!
  19. rebekah

    Makeup Artist for FASHIONADA 2007! *help!*

    hey guys I am going to be one of the makeup artists working on Fashionada (in Atlanta, GA). The main designer that we're doing is Betsey Johnson - her fall line. The makeup is supposed to be along the same lines as the clothes (sort of simple yet dramatic ) perhaps kind of pinup-y yet like...
  20. rebekah

    That dented black package on my mailbox...

    brought me Emote blush and Feline kohl power!! it also brought me my old staple Studio Moisture Fix but they've changed the ingredients in the past year and now I'm REALLY allergic to it!! It used to be one of the only moisturizers that I could use that wouldn't hurt me but now it burns so...