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  1. Becksabec

    Storing makeup when you have limited room

    What is the most effective way of storing your makeup when you don't have a lot of room? I'm living on-campus, but I don't have a whole lot of room. Back home, I have stackable plastic containers which I keep on an extra dresser. Right now, I just have my essentials in a bathroom drawer...
  2. Becksabec


    I was wondering if anyone has majorly downsized their collection, and how hard it was for you. I was recently diagnosed with a gluten intolerance, if you didn't read my other post about it, and I'm having to get rid of a lot of my stuff due to it having wheat-containing ingredients. It looks...
  3. Becksabec

    This is a total bummer

    Well ladies, I'm a bit bummed out. I was diagnosed with celiac disease recently (wheat gluten intolerance) and as I also have a dermalogical condition associated with it, I can't use products with gluten-containing ingredients. I'm having to go through all of my products and figure out what...
  4. Becksabec

    My name is Becky and ...

    ...I'm a makeup addict. I'm from Missouri and I'm a graphic design student. I love Mac, but I also collect Stila items and have way too much skincare products than I could ever use. So, hi.