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  1. MissDiva

    Specktra members/non members youtube MU videos links List

    please move my post if a similar thread has already been created and im sorry in advance,i did a search but didnt find a post like this so created one... ok so i was thinking since a lot of sprecktra members are doing youtube makeup tuts it would be a great idea to post links of your fav one...
  2. MissDiva

    affordable Pink brushes

    Hey Ladies, i was on youtube today and watched Enkore videos, he is a makeup artists and give a lot of great reviews on both makeup and accessories. he was talking about these cute pink brushes and i though i would share that with you, what i love about the brushes is that they are AFFORDABLE...
  3. MissDiva

    Black Opal

    Hello ladies, ok i love my mac foundation but i wanted to change a little bit and i saw black opal today at my drug store and they have a concealer with 1% salicylic acid and its say that it help heals acne and fade blemishes while concealing i was amazed and wanted to try the line,starting from...
  4. MissDiva

    Where did you get your pomeranian from?

    Hello ladies, i plan on buying two poms, a female and a male very soon.can you refer me to a breeder or give me suggestions please so i can decide where to buy? i live in MD if that can help thank you ladies!
  5. MissDiva

    Hello everybody!

    Hey Everyone just wanted to introduce myself. I find this forum and I'm already in love,I Look forward to getting to know you all!