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  1. Ms. Q

    I fought with Lashes & I lost, and more

    I tried my hardest to add lashes to my blue look Finally I gave up and ripped them off along with the color on the lash line lol I wore this one for My mans bday, Its really a lime green with brown on my outer V, I hate the way my camera washes things out this one I wore to my mans...
  2. Ms. Q

    Weddin Dilema!!

    Ok help me out ladies, set me straight if I need it please!! here is the situation I am getting married this october and his family wants me to invite his brothers girlfriend, whom I dont know or like. This is why his brother is our room mate, when we moved in he and the girl would have buck...
  3. Ms. Q

    My small *** MAC Haul

    My little haul put to shame by the bigger hauls. I got these from, but I had to keep breaking up my order. I got: Powder Blush in Fever (dont know how it will work on my skin.) Matte Cream Studio Finish Concealer Select Cover up I Have a second order coming anyday now. Yay...
  4. Ms. Q

    I need help from an MUA!!! :)

    Hey ladies and maybe gents, I will be getting married this October, and I know that I want my make-up done by MAC, but dont know what the custom is. I have hadboth good and bad make overs from a MUA at MAC. My question is when you get your make-up done, and you buy the stuff, but you realize...
  5. Ms. Q

    Foundations Question

    Ok so I have tried literally EVERY foundation that I know of and for some reason it looks like a match when i have it on, but by the end of the day it gets really dark on me. I don't use powder when I get oily I just use a tissue, esp when I am at work. Do you ladies have the same issue or is my...
  6. Ms. Q

    Sky Blue

    Here are a couple of pictures of a blue look that I did, The camera really washed the blue out I used NYX Loose Pigment in light and dark blue HIP pigment highlighting powder CC is Welcome
  7. Ms. Q

    First FOTD

    Yay I finally got brave enough to post *two* FOTD, Let me know what I can do to improve This first look I liked but I forgot to curl my natural lashes I used: Mica pigment in Lavender Mica pigment in Purple NYC Glam Lashes...