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  1. hazelinsight

    Going to the BAR with my mom!

  2. hazelinsight

    smokey mulch

    I went to mac the otherday looking to do a good smokey eye. I cant do black becuase it is just to much on me. So this is what i came up with after my MAC trip!!
  3. hazelinsight

    Nocturnelle smut

    I finnally got smut...which i love now. Its not to dark for my skin tone which is exactly what i was looking for! Hope you like the pics Outdoor light indoor light
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    Big Smiles

    Here is my little Davianna. Growing so quickly!! first Davianna pic Her with Grandma! (my mommy)
  5. hazelinsight

    Russian Red

    I have been so excited about this color i have been using it on everyone!! LOL. Tell me what you think. There is also a few other pics i havent posted yet!! Feedback is appeciated! Dont mind her disrespectfulness My cuz...i couldnt do to much becuase of lack of materials. these pics were...
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    Hey everyone. So i been really trying to work on my diffrent skills so i have been doing some contouring! tell me what you think!! My pics just wont shrink!!
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    Golden olive pig and nocturnelle

    my new tattoo.....means beauty
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    Here is my Little Princess

    Yeah i know she getting big!! Davianna picture 1 Davianna picture 2 Davianna picture 3
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    Just my MAC

    Ok here is my Mac Collection so Far
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    Sushi Flower

  11. hazelinsight

    Beautiful Iris

    Hey everyone. I know its been a while. But here is some new pics for you!
  12. hazelinsight

    LIL Sister

    Hey ladies and gents. I did my sisters makeup and put alittle outfit together for her. Tell me what you think. She is thinking of getting into modeling!
  13. hazelinsight

    IM SICK fotd

  14. hazelinsight

    New Davianna

    Here is a new pic of my little how shes grown!!
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    ok so i used these pics for a few challanges but here they are again
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    This was for my jobs christmas party
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    Cranberry, Sateilyte dreams, Swish

    hey Everybody. These are just suppose to be my eyes i didnt really do the full blown makeup. Just was practicin this was for a myspace challange
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    Me and My Dark Chocolate

    THis is a old pic but i dont get to show him off that much so here he is
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    Cali Christmas

    So some of you know from MYSPACE that i went to cali for christmas. I felt so weird becuase i didnt want to bring all my makeup so i only brought 1/8th of it. I was sad....I found a MAC and got excited becuase i got a gift card for christmas so i picked out what i wanted and tried to purchase...
  20. hazelinsight

    my Ms Frosty look