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  1. ductapemyheartt

    studio class event--nashville, tn.

    hey, everyone. sorry if i am posting this in the wrong forum and feel free to move it if i did...i was not sure where to post it. just to let everyone in the nashville area know...on september 20th, we will be having a studio class at the mac counter at macy's in rivergate. there are two...
  2. ductapemyheartt

    LE mac lashes.

    okay, does anyone have pictures or a list of the limited edition lashes mac has come out with? i have searched on here and on the internet, but have not been able to see the older ones...[forgive me if they are on here somewhere] the reason i am asking is because i went to a cco yesterday and...
  3. ductapemyheartt

    the love of my life [update, pic heave].

    soo, i think i last posted my collection in november of 2007. it has grown. :] this is the majority of everything i own that has MAC on it. lol. palettes open. palettes closed. mineralizethings. my one metal x. shadowwsss. keep in mind some have broken and i have had to B2M. i have...
  4. ductapemyheartt

    we should have a makeup secrets thread.

    you know? like post secret...except people could just email the secret to someone and that user can post them anonymously...i think it would be kind of neat. i got the idea, obviously first from post secret and because there is a hanson [i know, right?] secrets community. basically people make...
  5. ductapemyheartt

    two hookers and an eight ball [FOTD].

    sooo, last month, my bffs and i went to a mindless self indulgence concert...idk if anyone has heard of them, but, if you have, you will know that MSI is one crazy band, so we decided to dress up for the show. check check check out my makeup! all mac! face: mineralize satinfinish foundation...
  6. ductapemyheartt

    i have been MIA for a while, but i made a flower on my face...

    hey, everyone! i have not really been posting on specktra lately...i have just been super busy with school and stuff...i have been lurking mostly. i doubt anyone will remember me...i have not posted an FOTD since new years. whatevs. the other night, my little sister and i decided to play with my...
  7. ductapemyheartt

    post secret?

    does anyone else read post secret every sunday? or actually send in secrets? if you do not know what it is, type postsecret into google and click the first link that comes up.
  8. ductapemyheartt

    you've got to love somebody to know [FOTD].

    eyes: pharoah paint pot. bare study paint pot. 6th sin metal x e/s. going bananas e/s. wondergrass e/s. eyepopping e/s. parrot e/s. your ladyship pigment. blacktrack f/l. plush black plushlash mascara. lashes numero dos. fling brow pencil. face: hyper real. pink swoon blush. lip...
  9. ductapemyheartt


    today, i was at mac and one of the artists and a couple of girls from benefit were telling me about people stealing testers and products in the boxes. it seems like this counter has a huge problem with theft. they said people steal eye shadows all the time...even lipsticks [without the top!]...
  10. ductapemyheartt

    plastic stars, in our private galaxy [FOTD].

    so, this is kind of weird, but whatevs. my friend begged me to post it. this was my second attempt at a "mask" ever. so, be nice. i was super bored about a month ago and decided to paint starry night by vincent van gough on my face... all mac. eyes: delft paint pot. electric eel e/s...
  11. ductapemyheartt

    old world underground, where are you now? [FOTD]

    so last night, my friends and decided to go to a gay is the makeup i did. all mac. eyes: otherworldly paint pot. bare study paint pot. 6th sin metal X e/s. haunting e/s. parrot e/s. your ladyship pigment. silver fog pigment. silverstroke f/l. jealous khol power. blacktrack...
  12. ductapemyheartt

    i got a job...

    yesterday, i got a job freelancing at mac. yeah, i am pumped. thanks to specktra for all the help!
  13. ductapemyheartt

    my latest haul, featuring the 1.6! [pictures]

    so, yesterday my mom and i went to mac and we got presents for people for christmas. for me, we got: the holiday eyeliner set some turquatic AND THE 1.6 TRAINCASE. it was kind of hard to take a picture of me and the traincase.... so freakin excited!
  14. ductapemyheartt

    mac pays for your college?!

    so, yesterday, i was at mac with my mom and we were buying christmas gifts. everyone was talking to us and the manager was talking to my mom about me working there. and she said, "you know, if you are a thirty hour mac pays for your college!" was anyone else aware of this?!?!
  15. ductapemyheartt

    Across The Universe.

    okay, so has anyone else seen this movie? i saw it on friday and it was amazing. it will change your life. so, if you did see it, what did you think?
  16. ductapemyheartt

    the love of my life [update, pic heavy].

    so, i posted about a month ago my makeup. here it is again, gradually increased. keep in mind, i have done a lot of B2Ms of broken shadows and empty containers... my vanity. drawer of shadows and palettes. lippies. eyeliners. lipliners. brushes and cleanser. another...
  17. ductapemyheartt

    the perks of being a wallflower.

    i know someone here has to have read it. so, who has? what did you think? it is my favourite book of all time. :]
  18. ductapemyheartt

    ocean, please help me drown these memories [FOTD].

    so, yeah, i am not quite sure about it, but whatevs. all mac. eyes: bare study paint pot. silversmith mineralise e/s. your ladyship pigment. blacktrack fluidline. plushlash. lips: new york apple l/s. and thats all. boring, i know, right? so, just let me know what you...
  19. ductapemyheartt

    long time no FOTD.

    so, i have not posted an fotd in forevs, so here is tonight's. i promise the liner is all even and stuff in person...... eyes: bare study paint pot. family silver mineralise e/s. your ladyship pigment. cork e/s. blacktrack f/l. plushlash mascara. number 36 lashes. fling brow pencil...
  20. ductapemyheartt

    technique classes.

    i just went to a technique class today at macy's in nashville, tennessee. it was quite interesting and given by their trainer, laura. apparently it was a 'natural beauty' class....and most of the women there were in the 37-40 was a bit awkward, but enjoyable. i got to chat it up with...