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  1. sallycanwait

    recommend Brown/Plum mascara for green eyes?

    I usually go for this really bold black mascara look but sometimes I like to go more natural, with brown shadow/liner. Then my black mascara doesn't look quite as good lol. So I'm looking for a good brown mascara that still gives volume and definition but a slightly less harsh look than black...
  2. sallycanwait

    Importance of Eyeshadow Base Color?

    So I'm trying to recreate a specific look (this one but the principle applies generally, I foresee lots of experimenting in my future lol. How important is the eyeshadow base color? For instance, MAC Brulee. Everybody seems to love it...
  3. sallycanwait

    Is This MAC Blush Authentic?

    Hi, new to Specktra and to MAC, and I'm learning just how paranoid I am lol. I bought this Well Dressed blush on Amazon for $14.50 (not a huge savings but I had more Amazon Gift Cards than ready cash). It's my first MAC product, I will be sure to buy straight from MAC in future. I have no reason...
  4. sallycanwait

    New Member... + question :)

    Hi, new makeup addict here! I started watching Tanya Burr's (pixi2woo) videos on Youtube and am in loooove with her tutorials, all my makeup at present is from the drugstore but I'm starting to hop on the MAC bandwagon! I've have read some posts here on the forums, so I decided to sign up...