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  1. mollythedolly

    Rec's for this Christina Aguilera look?

    I feel like this would make a really good every-day look for me. Sorry, it's kind of small. It's the cover from this week's People magazine: EDIT: I'm intrested in anything relating to this look, especially the eyeshadows and lippies. TIA!
  2. mollythedolly

    Victoria's Secret 2008 Fashion Show Makeup Look

    I googled the Victoria's Secret 2008 fashion show makeup and Seventeen had a behind-the-scenes look at the hair (and the makeup!) Not a direct link, but Video Hub - Click on the drop-down menu, then on behind-the-scenes beauty, then on Victoria's Secret Behind the Scenes...
  3. mollythedolly

    Lip plump recs?

    Hi! I've never tried a lip plump before and I'm somewhat skeptical that they ALL do exactly what they say. What is the best one which actually works? Color or no color, please. Price doesn't really matter but I'd like to spend less than $50. TIA!
  4. mollythedolly

    Rec for D/S Self-Tanner?

    I want to use self-tanner because it's safer for the skin than getting an actual tan. However, the majority of the non d/s ones are more than $20 a bottle! I'm fine paying that much for, say, a foundation that will last a while, but a self tanner which I would use probably weekly all over my...
  5. mollythedolly

    Ready for one of the dumbest MAC-related questions you've heard in a LONG time?

    I'm new to MAC and I am interested in buying a few brushes. Are they only available in-store? I've only been to the counter a few times. Are brushes sold there, too? My nearest MAC store is about 1/2 and hour away, at a mall I can't afford, so I have only been there once or twice. If I want...
  6. mollythedolly

    Another L/S Question!

    What is a MAC dupe for Benefit's Jing A Ling? It's a "pink tutu pearl" as described by the Benefit website. Here's a pic:
  7. mollythedolly

    Kind-of Pink Bunny dupe

    MAC PLAYBOY BUNNY PINK Lipstick PLAYMATE Glitter Cream - eBay (item 320208443727 end time Jan-26-08 10:01:02 PST) I have 2 questions reguarding Bunny Pink l/s (LE, '04, Playboy 50th Anniversary collection) 1. Is there a lipstick which looks like the color of the bunny on the lipstick? Not on...
  8. mollythedolly


    Well, I've been a member of Specktra since September and I guess this is the first time I've actually seen this thread. Hey! I'm molly.
  9. mollythedolly

    MAC virgin products...

    What products would you reccommend for a first-timer? I'm not planning on spending too much. I don't know my number code thingey (the NC97,NW23.0482, etc) but I have beige skin, similar to Katie Holmes. I'm thinking a few eyeshadows (5-6ish) one of which could double as an eyebrow color for...