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  1. MACmermaid

    flammable paint and i are NOT friends :-(

    hey everyone....anyone know of a good way to get a nice, even application of flammable paint on the lid? for some reason every time i try it goes on all streaky and uneven. i don't have this problem w/ my other paints, so i'm not sure if it's this color or something i'm doing wrong. i tried...
  2. MACmermaid

    brown hair dye problem

    hi everyone! i was just wondering if anyone else has ever had problems getting their hair dyed to just a neutral brown shade (as in no red/orange/warm undertones). after years of highlighting (from this guy who i now know was not very good), my hair ended up too blonde so my new hairdresser...
  3. MACmermaid

    hello everyone!

    Hello fellow makeup lovers! I just wanted to say hi and that I am glad I found people who are like me! Alll these years I thought I was the only one with such a passion for MAC, and the only one who got excited for Thursdays when a new collection came out, but I see now that I am not alone...