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  1. VioletB

    "Twilight" inspired makeup launch.

    Just thought I'd post this if anyone cares. The full line will be available mid September and the Venom is available mid August.. all by DuWop. Thoughts?
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    MAC - Viva Glam VI Special Edition Lipstick Discussion

    North America - March 19, 2009/International - April 2009 "A lavender-lovely Fergie asks us to enter a new kind of dreamscape, to feel the 'Yes, we can!' of tomorrow, and to push forward on behalf of every man, woman, and child affected by HIV/AIDS... With each new VIVA GLAM season, we get a...
  3. VioletB

    Breaking Dawn!!

    Ok I did a search and couldn't find a topic on this but.. WHO IS EXCITED?? I know I am!! I'm going tonight after I get off work to wait at Barnes and Noble!! So I thought it would be fun to have our own little thread for Stephenie Meyer fans to discuss the books.. and maybe Breaking Dawn as...
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    Oh my dear, you DESERVE a new Juicy bag!!

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    How freakin cute is this.

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    Face charts - Woot woot!!

    LOL sorry about the woot woot part!! I am an exciting person. As many of you know I just started at MAC. Uhm, hello. I totally love it, it's so awesome. When I worked for Lauder I would do face charts, totally playing around, nothing serious. I'm pretty good at eyes and stuff.. but I just...
  7. VioletB

    MAC MA's.. How do you deal?

    Ok so as you all know I recently got hired on with MAC. I'm super happy and excited and thrilled but there is just one thing that is seriously bugging the holy living shit out of me. SOOO many of my friends are bugging me about discounts/free stuff! Let me preface this a little bit. I know...
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    drumroll please....

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    Solar Bits... suggestions??

    Ok so my husband has put me on a budget. So I passed up Naughty Nauticals.. and Neo-Sci Fi, but I just couldn't pass up the Solar Bits!! I'm a sucker for neutrals. ANYWAY that's off topic. I bought Black Ore and Sunpower - Both unique and gorgeous. SO Here is my questions. Yesterday I...
  10. VioletB

    Benefit.. Some Kinda Gorgeous??

    Unfortunately there is no Benefit near me. Macy's doesn't carry it, Sephora is fifty bazillion miles away (and they are brand new and still receiving all their stock).. and yeah. I really want to try this stuff! So I need opinions.. anyone particularly love it? Hate it? Finish? Coverage...
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    Breast Augmentation?

  12. VioletB

    The most beloved brush..the 187!

    Ok so I LOVE LOVE LOVE my 187.. especially for iridescent pressed powders and MSF's.. but I just discovered it for foundation! I know a lot of you use it for this.. but I have a question.. Ok so no matter what brush I use in the morning to distribute liquids.. I always clean them real quick...
  13. VioletB

    Look at this!!

    Soo.. I haven't been to the urban decay website in a while.. and.. LOOKIE HERE!! I am a MAC pigment junkie and these look so beautiful and fun I need to go shopping like NOW! So.. my question is.. has anyone tried these? If so, what are your thoughts/reactions?? I'm pretty excited.. the...
  14. VioletB

    MFOTD (Model's FOTD - My first photo shoot!!)

    Ok. So a friend of a friend of mine is starting up his own photography business and I was asked to do the makeup for one of the shoots!! I had SOOO much fun and they want me to do more! So here are the pictures.. They haven't had much retouching but I think they turned out pretty cool. I...
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    Smokin' hot!!

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    My adorable little children!!

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    i got my violence in high def ultra-realism

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    Hello little boys, little toys.

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    Does anyone know the answer??