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  1. cocolicouss

    It's been so long - Mother's Day Fotd

    I haven't posted a fotd on here in ages. Hope all you ladies are doing great and Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's day. This is what I did for the BBQ I went to hope you all like it :) Face: Benefit-You Rebel t/m M.A.C- Select Moisturecover NW25 & NC20 M.A.C- Mineralize...
  2. cocolicouss

    Pink & Purples

    It's been forever since I posted on here I missed you ladies. I posted this on the blog hope you guys like it Face: Mineralize satinfinish foundation Nc 35 Select moisturecover- Nc 30 Msf - medium/dark Sun & Moon blush Rhapsody In Two blush Eyes: Soft ochre p/p Grease paint stick V Carbon...
  3. cocolicouss

    Smoky Pink

    Face: MSF medium dark MSF foundation NC35 Brunette msf x-rock blush Eyes: Blacktrack e/l Print e/s Electra e/s Vellum e/s Mufe #75 GC lash Blast Lash #41 Lips: 3N l/s style minx l/g
  4. cocolicouss

    Fun blue/purple with a splash of pink

    Sorry guys i wen't a little Pic crazy lol Eyes: Mutiny p/g Violet p/g sketch e/s vellum e/s steel blue p/g MUFE # 75 duo purple glitter rapidblack e/s UD zero e/l Peacocky glitter e/l Lips: 4n l/s baby sparks d/g Face: MSF- NC 35 Studio Finish concealer -nc30 Light Flush msf Hipness blush
  5. cocolicouss

    smoky blue and black

    Eyes: Blacktrack e/l Gulf stream e/s Fresh water e/s Electric eel e/s Carbon e/s Black tied e/s Ricepapper e/s Rapid Black e/s XXl mascara Lips: Pink manish l/g Blueblood l/s Face: MSF- NC 35 Studio Finish concealer -nc30 Soft and Gentle msf Gleeful blush
  6. cocolicouss

    2 fotd

    Face: MSF- NC 35 Studio Finish concealer -nc30 Stark naked blush Petticoat msf Eyes: UDPP Pharaoh p/p pagan e/s steel blue p/g chrome yellow e/s plumage e/s rapidblack e/l Bankroll e/l Plush Lash Lips: Stroke of lust l/s Icescape l/g Face: MSF- NC 35 Studio Finish concealer -nc30...
  7. cocolicouss

    Green and Gold

    Face: MSF- NC 35 Studio Finish concealer -nc30 Gleeful mineralize blush Soft and Gentle msf Eyes: Lash# 7 Spiritualize p/g Glamour check e/s Amber lights e/s Goldmine e/s Your Ladyship p/g Quick Frost p/g urban decay e/l zero Cover girl Lash Blast Penultimate e/l Lips: Strawbaby l/s Rich and...
  8. cocolicouss

    All i want for christmas is YOU!!

    Eyes: UDPP Danger Zone Trio e/s Quick Frost p/g Spiritualize p/g minted e/l penultimate e/l CG Last Blast Face: Bare Minerals - medium beige X-rocks blush Hipness Blush Lips: 4n l/s Icescape l/g
  9. cocolicouss


    Face: Bare Minerals-medium Beige Soft and Gentle msf Star Naked b/g Eyes: UDPP Wintersky e/s Arctic Grey e/s Print e/s Magic Dust e/s Bell Bottom Blue p/g Fly-By-Blu e/l Ardel lashes Lips: Frozen Dream l/s
  10. cocolicouss

    copperized and fanfare

    Face: BareMinerals medium beige Nars Super orgasm blush Petticoat msf Eyes: UDPP All that glitters e/s Copperized p/g ricepaper e/s Saturnal e/s Blacktrack f/l CG Lash blast Lips: fanfare l/s sock hop l/g
  11. cocolicouss

    Mini CCO Haul

    Off The Radar p/g Quick Frost p/g Hipness (fafi) Blush Fafi Quad #2 Blacktrack f/l Electro l/s Spanking Rich d/g Brush #134 Brush #183
  12. cocolicouss

    something simple

    Eyes: *otherworldly p/p *Hot Contrast mineralize e/s *Aristocrat mineralize e/s *white frost e/s *UD zero e/l *greyprint e/l * GC lash blast Cheecks: * Petticoat msf * x-rocks blush Lips: * sock hop l/g
  13. cocolicouss

    my recent Sephora/Cco/Mac haul

    Sephora: VIP UD eyepencils mini set, UDPP, Nars super orgasm blush, MUFE #75, Shu uemura lash curler CCO: Heatherette- style minx l/g, sock hop l/g, and she's bad lashes ( i was really hoping to find the lipsticks but they had none Haunting e/s, Pagan e/s , Aquavert e/s, Tender Baby...
  14. cocolicouss

    greens and blues

    did this look after i got really fustrated with my metal-x Eyes: UDPP Gulf Stream e/s Pompous blue e/s Bang on Blue e/s Contrast e/s Vellum e/s Spiritualize p/g HIP e/l Bankroll e/l fly-by-blu e/l UD electric e/l CG Lash Blasg Mascara Face: Cubic Deep Plum Petticoat msf Lips: Fanfare l/s 4N...
  15. cocolicouss

    This weather's gotten me feeling so blue

    so recently i bought my first three pigments and i was super excited to use them and here is a look i did using all of them together and im in love with them and can't wait to buy some more <33 EYES: Bell-Bottom Blue p/g Mutiny p/g Your Ladyship p/g Simmer Mint s/s Soft ochre p/p Great Lash...
  16. cocolicouss

    Question about a blue e/s

    Hey guys i had a quick question i have the e/s pompous blue and i was wondering if i should get the e/s cool heat from the cool heat collection because i wanted some e/s from that collection and my mac store still has some left ..and which one from that collection would you guys recommend...
  17. cocolicouss

    My take on Danger Zone w/chrome

    hope you guys like it <33 Face: Bare Minerals- medium beige NC 30 s/c Belightful i/p Gleeful m/b Eyes: Soft ochre p/p Danzer zone e/s red,black,and silver Chrome yellow e/s Ricepaper e/s Your Ladyship pigment Hip eyeliner Maybelline XXL mascara Lips: Cult of Cherry l/g Bountiful l/g
  18. cocolicouss

    Quite Natural

    Face: Bare Mineral Gleeful mineralize blush Petticoat msf Eyes: perk p/p tete-a-tint brown down all that glliters fluidline nighthawk/front row e/p CG Lashblast Lips: N3 l/s wet wild wonderful p/g
  19. cocolicouss

    On my way to get more MAC <3

    quick look i did this morning ... EYES: soft ochre p/p seady pearle e/s contrast e/s carbon e/s Tete-a-tint e/s Rave e/l Mercuric glitter e/l FACE: Bare Minerals -medium beige NC30 select cover Stark Naked b/l LIPS: Ravishing l/s hot stuff l/g
  20. cocolicouss

    First trip to CCO !!

    i got some goodies today im really excited except when i got home and opned one of my p/p it was kind of already open and i looked inside and it looked like dried out but it went on fine so im kind of annoyed other than that yayy for new stuff Rollickin’ p/p Cash flow p/p the one that was...