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  1. BRYNN013

    MAC False Lashes

    Do you ever wear false lashes? Everyday or only on special occasions? Which lashes are your favorite? I only wear them to the bar/at parties/weddings/etc, and I'm quite pleased with the 4 lash.
  2. BRYNN013

    Tame Saturday Night

    I thought as a newb I should post my first FOTD, so if I do something wrong definitely let me know. I know the pictures are kind of washed out, but the pictures were very unclear when my flash wasn't on... OH & hair wasn't done & clothes not on yet... Going out with relatives for supper for my...
  3. BRYNN013


    I heard about these boards from everywhere, specifically Rebel MB. I have wanted to join but have been too lazy up until now. My name is Brynn, I am a 19 yo Canadian, and a devout MAC make-up-er. I don't know what else to say that is relevant to these boards....