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  1. fudejae

    Collection name?

    Ahh that’s so sad honestly! This is still my go to place to find older info, because most people aren’t into collecting… and like you said… are on to new brands etc. I finally got Frappe in the mail though! Its beautiful! I’ll definitely look for other forums on Facebook etc… but I will do so...
  2. fudejae

    Collection name?

    Highly aware that I’m replying to this 16 years later… hopefully you remember! Or maybe even found out info!! Anyway, here it goes! I started doing some investigating on this “Bard’O” / “bardot” thing, bc i own a blush, or maybe large eyeshadow… But I have an old version labeled BARDOT… but...
  3. fudejae

    Vintage (read: "old") MAC Eyeshadow Pots

    Gah! I wannnnt!
  4. fudejae

    Vintage (read: "old") MAC Eyeshadow Pots

    Like me! I’m always looking for old stuff and hate that I got on the Spektra train when it was basically obsolete *cries*
  5. fudejae

    ISO Mac Items!!

    Hey everyone! (Or no one-insert saddd face!) I have been searching high and low for people still active and haven’t had much luck. So I figured Id create a thread, that way people can reach out to me if they are still active!! I’m looking for older mac items, in any condition! I’ll only be...
  6. fudejae

    MAC Pigment Samples *Over 100 colors* + *Pigment Sample Sale- All Pigments MAC, Too Faced,

    Hey girl! Are you still around? Just wanted to see if you have any pigments left or any older eyeshadow shades you want to get rid of! Any condition is fine! I’ll only be swatching them anyway! I wish I had a better way to get ahold of older members! Lol
  7. fudejae

    Added Lipsticks, blush, more pics, palette. :)

    Any chance you’re still around!? I still see some I would love to buy!!
  8. fudejae

    Help with old MAC brush numbers?

    Honestly, I never use my single/double digit Mac brushes! They are way too rare to chance running them! Its so nice to see someone still active around here!! I literally jumped on this train when it had derailed for 15 years and i was sitting alone waiting for any other deserters! 😂 I would love...
  9. fudejae

    Help with old MAC brush numbers?

    I also need help with the brush number 2! I have two of them, one that is short handle and says made in France in fancy writing, and a longer version without the writing… hellllp!