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  1. tiff

    Stila 6 pan palette

    Can someone tell me please how much are 6 pan palettes in the US, I need my DH to get me one before Stila becomes less available in the city that he visits on business. Thanks
  2. tiff

    Stila summer collection

    I'm not sure yet, its not out in the UK afaik so I have some time yet. Anyone got any swatches, what are you getting?
  3. tiff

    Help a new Mac addict - UK New Releases?

    Hi all European Mackerooni's, I'm new to Mac and wondered what Mac collections are out in the UK and when is the next collection due to be realeased?
  4. tiff

    A nice RAOK from UK to US

    What would be a nice RAOK from a UK person to a US person? Struggling to think of things that US people might want that they cant get there. Any ideas?
  5. tiff

    Urban Decay in the UK

    Is it me or is it true that UD isnt that popular in the UK? Every time I go to a UD counter it looks sad and neglected, hardly ever topped up and I usually have to ask for the PP cos there's none on display but plenty in the drawers underneath! In our Debenhams they have a stand with loads of...