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  1. SHEILAB13

    collection behind look-moonbathe

    This was a face chart from another community that I copied. Try it-its a great summer look! here's the goods: Lid & half of lower...
  2. SHEILAB13

    It's been a long time....

    I doubt anyone will remember me but decided to bust out the camera & take some pics I hope I remember how to link photos..its been that long-haha three different light sources:
  3. SHEILAB13

    Monday -Friday fotds *warning*10 pics!!!

    monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday-i'm in love
  4. SHEILAB13

    metal rock rulz!!!

    Blitz & Glitz =base, upper liner & waterline Anti-establishment=lid Say Yeah=crease Metal Rock=crease, lower liner , & brows Cheeks=New Vegas & Metal Rock Lips= Rebelrose
  5. SHEILAB13

    I'm the Rock's long lost sister FOTD ;)

    LOL!!! I'm trying to make my eyelids seem smoother & end up looking like the Rock! I wish I could lift both eyebrows at the same time.
  6. SHEILAB13

    mardi gras on caffiene look :)

    This was me just playing around with a theme for another community. I never knew how hard it was to draw a smooth straight line on your own face. My hands were all shakey so I guess my dreams of being a surgeon are out the window LOl
  7. SHEILAB13

    Concerts You've been to?

    This kept me entertained today at work coming up with this list. When I was young list: Rick Springfield Hall & Oates Kiss Def Leppard Motley Cure Prince Cinderella Judas Priest The Jacksons LL Cool J MC Hammer NTOB N'synch White Snake Poison Pink Floyd Anthrax Last few years: Kenny Chesney...
  8. SHEILAB13

    I gave my UPS guy a big C-SQUEEZE :P

    I'm never ordering online again-I sure do hate waiting for anything. So finally---my squeezy look. I felt to flaming bright so I had to put some brown in it LOL Natural light
  9. SHEILAB13

    Hopelessy waiting for C-Squeeze FOTD

    I ordered C-squeeze online-for what reason, I don't know. But I should finally get my haul tomorrow-yeah. Today's look just matches my shirt, of course! If I wear all black tomorrow, what combos would you recommend? Eyes:Graciuos Me=base Pink Papillon=lid Unknown pigment=inner lid...
  10. SHEILAB13


    I really need to write down what I use in the mornings but alas, I can only remember what I used on my eyes. eyes=Gracious Me, Fushia pigment, Swish & engraved
  11. SHEILAB13

    PROVENCE = <3

    Maybe one of the overlooked colors of the new pigments but I love it none the less. eyes=Provence, Smut, Beauty Marked, Engraved lips= magenta liner + palatial cheeks=Breezy
  12. SHEILAB13

    Wrapped in Samoa Silk

    Shimmersand=base Orb=browbone Antiqued=bottom liner & crease Samoa Silk=lid Soft Brown=outer crease Opps...I forgot what I used for lips & eyes though.
  13. SHEILAB13

    I simply Adorn you

    Going back a few collections for this one Eyes: Frost pigment, Melody, Peridot, Mystery, Smolder Cheeks: Ice Lips: Oak l/l Gemborre l/g
  14. SHEILAB13

    3 for 1 FOTDs :)

    I had these all ready to post on Sunday when ***blink*** our power goes out. Yes, I'm a survivor of the CO blizzard of 05. Went to MAC on Saturday to stock up on supplies so I managed being snowed in just fine. I can't remember what I used for these because they were from last week and I can...
  15. SHEILAB13

    spring is in the air FOTD

    Yes, I put on makeup to pull the weeds out of my flower bed. Doesn't everybody? Eyes: Stilife=base Paradisco=lid Chrome yellow & Golden Lemon pigment=crease/liner Sushi Flower=corner/liner Engraved=inner liner lips=wonderstruck cheeks=Celebrity Pink
  16. SHEILAB13

    mac lipstick organizer :)

    Just thought I'd share my idea of the perfect **no-cost** lipstick organizer.... I cut the box just above the MAC logo & tape 10 boxes. Then I tape the rows of ten together. One persons trash is anothers treasure. Hey OWN trash is my treasure LOL
  17. SHEILAB13

    mac seminars..what can I expect?

    I called Nordstoms today to find out when the Beau clllection was coming out and the gal asked if I'd like to come to the seminar that they were having hosted by Victor!! Of course, I had to take the entire day off of work so I could attend What happens at these things? Counting the days.....
  18. SHEILAB13


    I can never think of anything clever to call the subject LOL so here's just todays look eyes: snapshot paint=base brow=rice paper lid=beauty marked crease=sketch corner=woodwinked/honesty inner liner=engraved cheeks=honour lips= blankety
  19. SHEILAB13

    Madame B colors

    I did this look when Madame B first came out but I've been bad & haven't been online in forever. So here we go.... here's what I think I used eyes: shimmersand=base pollen=brow pink papillon=lid moth brown=crease engraved=liner lips: lure=liner petal lure=lipstick Thanks for looking