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  1. d_flawless

    Coffee and Acne: Is there a link?

    I drink about 2-3 cups of coffee every morning, it's the only way I can stay alert throughout the day. I don't really break out badly every month, but on occasion, it happens. Usually, it comes around times of stress and that's when I'm taking in even more caffeine, so that makes me think...
  2. d_flawless

    Senior Artist Wannabes

    I was looking at the "Artists" page on, and I got the idea to copy the little interview MAC gave to their senior artists... name, country: started in makeup: on the art of makeup: creative influence: most important tool: favorite technique: favortite MAC...
  3. d_flawless

    What Did You Start Collecting Most Of?

    I know for me, I'm always been more into eyeshadow than lipstick. I didn't even own a MAC lipstick until last year, with Culturebloom - after already owning about 80 eyeshadows! To date, I still have about 10x more eye products (lashes, pigments, shadows, liners, etc.) than I do lip products or...
  4. d_flawless

    "today's my birthday" haul

    yeah, i'm such a whore for announcing my own birthday...but a MAC whore at that i picked up: -dame blush (i've been wanting a good pink forever) -soar lip liner -foxy lady eye kohl (what a hot color, for those of you who have delineate fluidline) -102 brush to tame the brows -jest pro...
  5. d_flawless

    Is the 187SE like the 188?

    Hmm...though I had no intentions of buying the SE brush sets this year, I got the face brush one as a b-day gift and I noticed it's less wide than the usual, long-handled 187...can anyone tell me if it compares to the 188, or am I just being a snob to the long-handled brushes?
  6. d_flawless

    Be Honest: Do You Always Wash Your Make Up Off At Night?

    So, lately I've been really tired from juggling increasing hours at work and seemingly endless amounts of projects, studying for mid-terms, etc...that's where my inquiry began. Why is it that my skin care routine has nearly diminished? I used to be so good about washing my face at night, putting...
  7. d_flawless

    Rant about product ingredients

    Feel free to move this if i'm in the wrong forum... i just have to rant about ingredients that are added to products that people have been complaining about lately...for example, a day doesn't pass by at work where someone asks me about parabens, and why they're added to our products. from my...
  8. d_flawless

    Gilroy CCO Haul

    chatterbox l/s fine n dandy l/s royal wink fluidline so there jade powerpoint handforged powerpoint sunbasque blush summer lily b/c gracious me shadestick feel free to ask me what else they had (i thought it was a worthwhile trip!)...i already posted on livejournal, and i can make a copy if...
  9. d_flawless

    "A Muse" Looks

    I just noticed that the "A Muse" looks are up on the site as well as the products and they are really cool, with mod-influenced shapes and lashes. I'm looking forward to seeing FOTDs with all the new haulage!
  10. d_flawless

    Pro Haul + MSF descriptions

    i went to the pro store on fillmore in SF where i saw the entirety of avante gold and amuse. the MA was super nice and did a demo of the medium MSF on me, creating a really blended, satiny look on my skin, kinda like the finish of studio fix w/ a light hand, but more satiny, less...
  11. d_flawless

    CCO, Lure, and MAC Store Haul...pic-less, just wanted to share :)

    so...vacation in LA was rewarding, stopped by my first CCO and picked up the following: ola mango l/g shimmergold shimmershimmer (belle azure) dovefeather e/s meltdown l/s chartru paint blue tips n/p MAC store: chrome yellow dark sundressing body and, back in SF: maidenchant blushcream...
  12. d_flawless

    Why are some counters just more aproachable?

    What makes a good counter/store? I was just thinking about it, but I definitely avoid one of the counters in my area and go out of my way just so I don't have to go there. I don't really know what it is, because it's the same product and the same concept, and all of the employees are hired by...
  13. d_flawless

    lily white pigment

    for those who purchased lily white pigment today from sweetie cake, how would you review it? i really like the color, but i'm not sure about all the glitter, does anyone have any input about lily white on?
  14. d_flawless

    college dropout?

    as i've been getting more into make up and beauty products, i'm starting to realize that maybe the conventional route (i'm a college freshman now, but i hate it. partly because i'm away from my family and a lot has happened to us this year, partly because i'm in dorms and i can't stand the...
  15. d_flawless

    219 brush for crease color?!

    hello everyone! since i seldom post a topic myself, i figured i'd ask a question that's been plaguing do you use the 219 brush for color in the crease? i've only use it to apply color under my eyes, in my lower lash line, so i'm kinda stuck. and, would u also blend that color applied...
  16. d_flawless

    hey guys!

    yo, i'm kara from san francisco. i'm a full-time student double-majoring in political science and spanish, but when i'm not in class taking notes or studying, i'm probably buying some more make up! i got into M.A.C. two years ago, when i bought my first set of 4 e/s, and i've yet to go back to...