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  1. marieeve2010

    my N look

    Hi, this is my N look with some "dupe" color of the N collection. Instead of neutral pink I use my slip pink e/s. And I did not like the texture of nanogold so I use jest. the products: bare study, jest, remotely grey, slip pink and handwritten. I hope you like it
  2. marieeve2010

    second post : purple

    hi, this is my second EOTD. I hope you like it! I used all mac products : -pearl CCB -plum electric (metal-x) -nocturnelle -pink freeze -shale thanks for looking
  3. marieeve2010

    first post!! metal-x :pure ore, plum electric

    Hi, I used : beige-ing shadestick pure ore plum electric black pencil thanks! And tell me what you think about it !
  4. marieeve2010

    Has anybody used the Pilates Power Gym

    hi, Has anybody used the Pilates Power Gym by thane?? It seems like a really good product......but I want to know if it's a good buy! I already have pilates dvd and I want more..... and this product offert so much more possibilities.....So I need advices! thank you!
  5. marieeve2010

    The 190 or the 187 brush, for foundation?

    Hi, what is the best brush for liquid foundation the 190 or the 187? Does the 187 make strike like the 190 can do? Which one make the best finish look? which one is the most usefull? thank you!
  6. marieeve2010

    I bought fake Mac pigment- I need help! please

    hi, In resume my story is that I purchase M.A.C. pigments from a seller on eBay and they turn out to be fake product. When I received them I had doubt about the authenticity of the product so I went to a M.A.C. store twice. Both times, I was told it was counterfeit (poor quality, color...