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  1. sewpunk

    I am so freaking bummed! *SpecKtra related*

    My work blocked Specktra! I cannot access the website while I am bored at work! The IT department must have figured out Specktra was a forum site, so up went the block. I am sad. I will have to wait till I get home or check it on the weekends, which means that I probably won't be on...
  2. sewpunk

    brow set or something else just as good/better?

    Has anyone tried MAC brow set in clear? I have long brow hair, and I was wondering if brow set works well for keeping the hair in place. I use a powder and wax kit by Chanel (and my Benefit one too sometimes) but since my brows are kinda on the long side, I need a little more holding power...
  3. sewpunk

    Esthetics/Schooling ~ tell me about it!

    Hi folks~ I have had a longtime passion with skincare and I have decided to looking into getting formal training to become a licenced estician. Little background about me~ I am 26, with a full time (good) job. I graduated with a bachlor degree from a university for apparel/fashion and...
  4. sewpunk

    Vanity question/advice ~ I need a glamour staion!!

    I currently store all my makeup and brushes in the bathroom cabinet, and I am looking into get a vanity (with mirror, perferably a light up mirror almost like a studio/salon setting) so I can get my makeup out of the humid bathroom enviroment, and have a dedicated place for makeup storage and...
  5. sewpunk

    My weekend haul

    I stoped by my local mall, where we have a freestanding MAC there and I picked up: Amber Lights e/s Vanilla Pigment Fascinating Eye Kohl Brush # 208 and untinted Lip Conditioner! I then went to Body Shop, Sephora and Ulta. By then end of the day, I was begining to feel like I had a shopping...
  6. sewpunk

    Brush recommendation for eyebrow wax

    hello all, Do you have any brush sugestions for apply eyebrow wax? (Particularly Benefits Browzing wax) The little kit came with a mini conceler type brush which was okay for traveling in my purse, but I need something a little more sturdy for apply at home, that - and I lost the one it came...
  7. sewpunk

    hey makeup lovers!

    hi all! I have been posting for about a week or two, but I'd figure I pop in here and say hi... and that I love Spectra! I think I'll get along quite nicely here, being that you all freaking love makeup as much as I do! My Chanel collection is way bigger then my MAC which is very tiny... I...
  8. sewpunk


    What is the little button on the very bottom of your profile to add to some one's reputation? And the little colored bubbles under the Thanks section, what do they mean? Thanks!