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  1. saj20052006

    Alternative to Pure White

    Is there a great alternative to MAC's pure white pigment and if so, what is it. Thanks in advance.
  2. saj20052006

    Gold AND BLACK

    Help... I have a party tomorrow. Thetheme is "Glamorous Affair". I'll be wearing a black and gold sequin tank dress with black ankle tight leggings. The dress is a little too short for me to wear it alone. Kind of a glam rocker look. What makeup colors should I wear?
  3. saj20052006

    Wardrobe / Makeup Dilemma...

    I am wearing a magenta dream corset, blue dereon jeans with a gold fluer-de-lis on the back pockets and magenta peep toe pumps. What color eyes and lips should I do. I really hate to do gold. I always do that. HELP.
  4. saj20052006

    What Lipcolor am I missing?

    Okay, so I have some empties and need some MAC Lip color recommendations. Here's what I have: Cavalier Lipgloss Viva Glam V Lipgloss Spirited Lipgloss Clear Lipgloss Fine China Lustreglass Garden Lustreglass Sinnamon Lustreglass Opal Lustreglass Venetian Lustreglass Spring Bean Lustreglass...
  5. saj20052006

    Matte Eyeshadows

    I need some matte eyeshadow recs. No Neutrals, Nice Pretty Brights and it doesn't have to be MAC. Thank you.
  6. saj20052006

    Concert Look

    I am going to a Mary J Blige concert in a few weeks and I really want my look to reflect the Classy Hip Hop side of her. What type of outfit and makeup look do you recommend. I am open to any and all suggesstions. I love neutral looks and vibrant in your face looks. I am MAC NC50 or NW45 and...
  7. saj20052006

    Looking to visit Niagara Falls (Candadian Side)

    I am thinking about taking a vacation next month and heading up to Niagara Falls, Canada. Any suggestions? Places to Stay, Eat, Things to Do? I am looking for a really nice place to stay, Did I mention it will be my 5 year anniversary. Thanks.
  8. saj20052006

    Laura Geller vs. MAC MSF

    I hate the fact that the MSF is not in a mirrored compact. I saw on qvc that Laura Geller has a powder similiar to the MSF called Balance and Brighten. If there is anyone who is familiar with both of these products. Do you think I could put my MAC MSF in the Laura Geller compact? Thanks in...
  9. saj20052006

    What's you take on NYX Cosmetics?

    I love MAC and L'Oreal HIP because the colors bold and don't disappear on darker skin tones. I have an opportunity to get some NYX stuff. How does this compare to MAC and L'Oreal HIP? What about the loose powders as well as the singles.
  10. saj20052006

    Good Vanity Station

    Hey there. I am looking for recommendations on a good vanity station. I don't want just a mirror I need somewhere I can store and apply my makeup. Thanks in advance.
  11. saj20052006

    Long Wet Saturday

    Ladies, this is my first post. Not even sure if I did it right. I have a habit of not wearing foundation if I am not going out. So, I just do my eyes and put on a little concealer. I am not as red in the areas on the pictures. I'm new at taking photos and cleaning them up as well. So let...
  12. saj20052006

    Velvet Sportcoat

    I have a XMas Party coming up and there is a velvet sportcoat I want my husband to wear and he is game. What type of material should his pant be? Thanks.
  13. saj20052006

    Sexy, Seductress

    Okay, so this weekend is by husband's birthday and we are going out on the town. I need recommendations for a very sexy look. Here is what I'm wearing: Black Pants or Skirt White and Black Stripe Blouse Gorgeous Red Peep Toe Wedges A little bit of red accessories My hair will be pulled back...
  14. saj20052006

    HELP!!! Very Oily Lids

    In the past MAC paints and fluidliners have worked just fine. Now they seem to be failing me. I have heard some people raving about UDPP. How does this compare? Oh, I have also tried MAC Prep and Prime, no good.
  15. saj20052006

    How to use MSF Shimpagne or Shooting Star

    Has anyone tried using either of these items and if so, how? I am NC50 or NW45. I currently use MSF Dark to set my foundation or just as a light bronzer.
  16. saj20052006

    Mark Eyeshadow Recs

    Anyone have any recs for MARK eyeshadows. Night Owl seems pretty. I need nice heavy pigmented shadows, but I can't continue to spend the kind of money I spend on MAC. Please help.
  17. saj20052006

    Beyonce's Get Me Bodied Eyes

    I'm not sure that this is where this request belongs. But, I would love to see a tutorial for the sexy silver cat eyes Beyonce has in her "Get Me Bodied" video. HOT HOT HOT!
  18. saj20052006


    Help, I need some recs for bright bold shadows. I have tons of neutrals, but when I'm going out I like my eyes to POP! I'm NW45. Brown Eyes, Black Hair. I definately need more greens, reds, orange, even yellow. TIA!
  19. saj20052006


    My Collection consists of: Eyeshadow Pollen Contrast Era Amber Lights Mulch Swish Cranberry Carbon Sushi Flower Trax Goldmine Moth Brown Brown Down Plum Humid Pigments Blue Storm Copper Sparkle Tan Melon Violet Old Gold Golden Olive Teal Cornflower Chocolate Brown Rose White Gold Frost Clear...
  20. saj20052006

    Help with Pigments

    I need to know how to apply pigments as an eyeshadow so the colors are bold. I am NW45 and I used paints as a base. Thanks!