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    I should be studying..

    BUt...i thought I post a FOTD, since I RARELY do it..and it seems a lot more fun than studying. my last final is tomorrow..then I graduate!! yahoo! anywhoo... so, i tried doing bluish/teal look today, nothing too spectacular. I was trying to redo 'mzreyes' eyeshadow technique thing. Tell me...
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    Fafi Totally It vs. A mei Love Rules

    Sorry if this has been asked, but how do these two lipglass compare? I have love rules already and I am drooling at Totally it as well, but I don't want to get a color too similar to each other. Also how about Girl about town vs. Fun N Sexy? Aaaa, the fushiasss!! Anyway, if anyone can let me...
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    I love pink!

    So here is my FOTD, well more like 2 days ago. Haha, i was too lazy to post two days ago, Oh well. I am still getting the hang of blending, so i think one of my eyeshadows was crooked, I dont know haha. CC is welcome, hope u enjoy! Face: BE in medium tan MAC blotting powder in Medium/Dark...
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    I recently discovered Besides purchsing nyx and sugar from them..have u guys tried any of the other brands? if so..what did u guys think..
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    This has been bugging me..

    Hey guys, i was looking at some MAC avatars and one in particular keeps bugging me. I only have the link sorry: Would u guys know what color that may be? i absolutely LOVE it!! Thanks.
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    LOST...dont kno which one..

    Hey guys, sooo im in a dilemma..and ofcourse it has to be makeup. lol. So i was at sephora today and MAC store and looking at the nude colored lippies and lipglosses. Oh and i forgot to do a comparison to NARS belle de jour and NARS striptease, are those very similar? I cant decide...
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    My lil experiment <3

    This is my first FOTD, but these were actually taken a week ago. I was experimenting with shadows. Im open to all comments and critism <3. Mac:Eyes goldmine e/s bitter e/s electric eel e/s shroom e/s Mac lips: Jubilee with clear gloss on top Face: Mac dame blush BE foundation