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  1. amy04

    All Things Sephora

    This isn't new news, but some days I just feel like giving a little shout out to Anastasia of Beverly Hills; you make my day better and are sometimes the only thing that makes me look in the mirror and go, "damn!" PRAISE!
  2. amy04

    What are your favorite pair of sunglasses??

    I rock these Ray Ban Wayfarer's - the inside of the glasses is orange, and the outside is navy. I get tons of compliments on them!
  3. amy04

    Power Brow à la Audrey Hepburn

    Hi ladies, I haven't posted here in a whiiile but I wanted to share a FOTD from last month I did. I'll also provide a link to the tutorial I made for this look at the bottom... enjoy! And here's the tutorial if you're interested! Also, if you want to check out inspiration pictures I...
  4. amy04

    Products Being Discontinued

    This is a transcribed list of products that we are being asked to send back as they are discontinued. Many of them have been out of stock for a long time and don't come as a surprise. Some are well-loved. Don't shoot the messenger! Jacquard Bag (Small) #102 Brow comb Dressed Brow Set Fancy Ray...
  5. amy04

    7 Deadly Sins Makeup & FOTD

    I had the best day at work yesterday! I noticed when I clocked in that I had an appointment for later in the day. Well, when she came in with her hair sprayed green and all dressed up, I knew it was going to be FUN. She ended up telling me that she was having a birthday party and it was themed...
  6. amy04

    The Originals FOTDs

    Looks from the past couple days I've worked... focus on The Originals collection. Thanks for looking! USED/ Prep + Prime Skin Moisturelush Eye Cream Studio Fix Fluid Mineralized Skinfinish Natural Buff blush Blonde Taupe brow shader Bare Study paintpot Shroom Ochre Style Golden Olive...