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  1. mreichert

    ~Hot Bombshell Look~

    Face: MAC Studio Fix Fluid BE Foundation Nars Laguna Bronzer Pleasantry blush Cream Base in “pearl” Eyes: Painterly Paintpot Black Tied e/s Wedge e/s White Frost e/s Blacktrack Fluidline Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in “zero” Clinique High Definition Mascara NYC Falsies Lips: NYX...
  2. mreichert

    ~Arabic Eyes~ (pink and gold look) *very pic heavy*

    So, I've been wanting to do an Arabic look for awhile, and finally sat down and tried it out. It's my favorite look so far!! Here's the tutorial if you're interested: Makeup Geek » Tutorials » Bare Escentuals Tutorial: Arabic Eyes! Face: * MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation...
  3. mreichert

    Easy Bronze Summer Look :)

    Hello Specktra-ites Hope your start of summer is going good! This is an easy look I did for a summer day. Here's the video tutorial if you're interested: Makeup Geek » Tutorials » MAC Tutorial: Bronze Summer Look Thanks for looking! Face: Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation (light)...
  4. mreichert

    Tell me what to buy !!!!! :)

    So, I'm going back home (California) to visit family and friends, and I'm hitting up the MAC pro store in San Francisco- my first time to a pro store!! So, what should I get? Who knows when I'll be back to a pro store, so want to make sure I'm not missing out on anything
  5. mreichert

    >>> Kat Von D <<<

    This was probably my most challenging look yet- it's not perfect, but I gave it my best shot I still can't used to red lipstick on me (I feel like a $2 hooker... ) So, that's why I have some pics with it on, and some with a very nude lip. CC always welcome! Hope you all had a great...
  6. mreichert

    Taylor Swift in "Teardrops on My Guitar" (a shimmery aqua look)

    I was asked to try this look from Taylor Swift's music video- "Teardrops on My Guitar". I'm so glad she asked, as I had SO much fun trying this out! I liked how it turned out so much that I made my husband take me out to a nice restaurant I did a video tutorial if you're interested Have a...
  7. mreichert

    Quick. Easy. Natural.

    You all know I LOVE my colors So, had to branch out and do some neutrals... This really was easy and quick to do- might have to be my "go to" look for when I'm in a hurry! Link to the video: Makeup Geek » Tutorials » MAC Tutorial #5: Quick. Easy. Natural. Face: Studio Fix Fluid...
  8. mreichert

    Is this seminar any good? (Last Looks)

    Makeup Classes Chicago - Last Looks Makeup Academy I'm hoping to go to the eyes only one, but want to know if any of you pros have been I don't want to shell out $300 if it is going to be basic techniques- I'm looking for more advanced ones.... TIA!!!
  9. mreichert

    >>Turning teals from DAY to NIGHT<<

    It's been a crazy week- feel like I've been spending all my time in doctor's offices or hospitals! So, I haven't been able to post as much as usual.... Anyhoo, here's a teal look- video tut up if you're interested Have a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! Face: Studio Fix Foundation Bare...
  10. mreichert

    ~My Jennifer Lopez Look~ (a purple and black smokey eye with glowy cheeks)

    Hi Schweeties! This look was request by someone, so I thought I'd go for it! It took me longer to do than my normal makeup, but it was worth it- I really like the results Here's the Video Tut link: Makeup Geek » Tutorials » MAC Makeup Tutorial: Jennifer Lopez Have a fantastic week...
  11. mreichert

    Is there a MAC pro phone number for the UK?

    Nireyna (from Youtube) is trying to get MAC products, and I gave her the US pro number as well as the international phone number, but she said she has a friend going to the UK that can get products for her, and she would like the Pro contact number for the UK. I hope that makes sense. Anyways...
  12. mreichert

    ~ NYX Green and Purple ~ (a fun, bright, and CHEAP look!)

    I wanted to do a fun, bright look using NYX shadows, and these were the colors from my meager collection Video tut is also done on this look: Makeup Geek » Tutorials » NYX Tutorial #3: Green and Purple Thank you all for looking! CC always welcome! Face: * MAC Studio Fix...
  13. mreichert

    >> Blue, Green, and some CLUB<<

    It was a gloomy day outside, so the pictures aren't very vibrant You could really see the blue and green in real life! Here's the video tut if you're interested: Have a great week everyone!!! Face: Studio Fix Fluid...
  14. mreichert

    ~Sunset Over Ocean Waters~ (a teal and orange look)

    Gave my NYX some lovin' today Not sure really what inspired this look- just started pulling out the shadows that I rarely use! Tut will be up tonight YouTube - MakeupGeekTV's Channel Face: The Usual Eyes: Benefit Lemon-aid NYX Jade NYX Charcoal NYX Africa NYX Highlight NYX Jumbo Pencil...
  15. mreichert

    My attempt at Kim Kardashian's Silver Smoky Eye

    I got requests on youtube to do a Kim Kardashian look, so here's my best shot! Tut is done and will up tonight Any CC welcome!!! Face: SFF BE Mineral Veil Emote Nars Orgasm mixed with Afterdusk Fix + BB gold shimmerbrick Eyes: Cream color base in "pearl" Silver Fog pigment Charred Print...
  16. mreichert

    ~ Blue & Peach ~

    I'm REALLY loving Contrast- not even sure why, but I always end up with my favorite looks when I use it. Just might be my HG eyeshadow I hope you all had a great weekend! I did a video tut on youtube if you want to see it- MakeupGeekTV Face: The Usual Eyes: Benefit Lemonaid Gesso Naval...
  17. mreichert

    ~ Dresscamp Palette ~ (a quick and easy FOTD)

    Sorry this is so quick and nothing special, but wanted to post anyways as I LOVE this palette! I don't have any lippies, but hopefully in a couple weeks! *sigh*- I'm so impatient... The blush is a beautiful pink color., and I love love love the gold e/s. The other 2 e/s are nothing that...
  18. mreichert

    ~HILARY DUFF~ take 2 (video tut added)

    Here's my 2nd attempt at Hilary Duff's smoky brown eyes. I changed a few things from before- it's super easy to do now! Have a wonderful day everyone!!! YouTube - Makeup Tutorial: Hilary Duff inspired Face: -SFF -BE Mineral Veil -Emote -Nars Orgasm -Pearl Cream -BB Shimmerbrick in gold...
  19. mreichert

    I need Raspberry color lippies! :)

    Do you all have a favorite raspberry pink color lipstick and/or lipgloss? It doesn't matter what brand
  20. mreichert

    Input please!! A new technique- figuring it out...

    Could you all give me CC on this technique- I did 2 looks today as I wasn't happy with the first one It's a pain in the butt working with blacks/greys! Let me know if these looks are too harsh? I'm trying to get the blending part of it down, so ANY cc welcome! Thanks everyone Have a...