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  1. Panamenanegra

    Mod edit: Please make sure to read post Nr. 18 on how to take proper action if you are affected by this theft! Hey guys. I dont know if any of you know about this yet and even if this is the place to post it but someone sent me a message about this tonight. they are BLATANTLY...
  2. Panamenanegra

    MAC Only Allowed! *Pic Heavy*

    Thread updated to show all recent hauls and add in some other non-mac stuff. EYES L-R: Artifact, Blackground, Bare Study, Cash Flow, Constructivist, Delft Electrosky, Greenstroke, Groundwork, Moss Scape, Nice Vice, Otherworldly Flammable Paint, Perky, Pharaoh, Rollickin, Quite Natural...
  3. Panamenanegra

    I love Specktra!!

    Hi everyone. My name is Li. Ive been lurking on specktra for a very long time because I use it as a makeup resource when I have questions and we all know this is the place to get info on upcoming collections. A few forums Ive been on in the past left me with a very bad taste in my mouth but this...