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  1. saucipinkbabydoll

    another use for accent red pigment

    So at work one day I asked my manager what she would reccomend as a nice red blush.She suggested the new accent red pigment and I thought she was a little crazy since it seemed to have a blue duochrome finish to it but the very next day for work I tried it on for kicks with my 187 brush and I...
  2. saucipinkbabydoll

    anything comparable to flash of flesh l/g?

    My fave l/g flash of flesh is almost gone and I was wondering if you girls could rec. me a brand that sells a similar color or what could duplicate it thanks!And don't tell me kei lipglass I can't get it.=)
  3. saucipinkbabydoll

    I need help creating a neutral e/s palette

    Hi girlies I need help filling up a 15 pan palete with the following MAC eyeshadow colors could you girls please give me your favourite's of the following.This will be used for portraits and weddings.Could you please list the number you are giving advice for and the name of the MAC eyeshadow...
  4. saucipinkbabydoll

    warm tropical evening fotd

    face: studio fix nc35 w/h fix + refined golden bronze portofino nars multiple springsheen blush goldplay msf eyes: wave line f/l as base on lid belle azure e/s on lid blu noir on inner and outer v rule,coral in crease love bud and naked lunch on browbone lips: natural nyx lip pencil tortilla...
  5. saucipinkbabydoll

    lure fotd

    face: studio fix nc35 with fix+ refined golden bronzer maiden chant blush creme blossom up blush shimpagne to highligt eyes: delphic fluid line on lid sea myth on inner half,waternymph on outer,mancatcher in crease peacocked to line lips: stroke of lust l/s soar l/p bait l/g I bought this...
  6. saucipinkbabydoll

    My daughter's fifth birthday

    These are just some random pictures from our weekend at the hyatt hotel on Maui.For Allie's birthday she wanted to go stay at the "hotel pool"
  7. saucipinkbabydoll

    sundressing sunset

    These looks are a little old I know ...but I thought I would share any way lid:kelly green pigment,outer v and to line:fountain bleu e/s,crease:coral e/s and to highlight and inner corners:relaxing sweetie cake quad on eyes with peacocked...
  8. saucipinkbabydoll

    MAC Corp. office # help!

    Does anyone have the number for the Human Resources department or the Corporate office? I did not get a paycheck and I need to notify the human resources dept. I already notified my manager, but I don't think she can help since it's been approved or something whatever. Can someone help me...
  9. saucipinkbabydoll

    Please let this be real LOL!

  10. saucipinkbabydoll

    Anyone been or lives in San Antonio Texas?

    Me and my family are seriously thinking of moving to San Antonio Texas and will be taking a trip in May to scope it out.I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what it's like there.Climate, temp. Fun things to do, best neighborhoods, good schools, what the people are like, shopping...
  11. saucipinkbabydoll

    rec's for crease colors

    can you guys tell me what your favorite crease colors are? I wanted to use more of a satin finish or some other finish other than frost and was wondering what are some good colors to use for the crease in all spectrums of the color wheel.Thanks!
  12. saucipinkbabydoll

    Almost had a panic attack!What would I do without you guys?

    Tonight just a little while ago I tried to go on our beloved specktra site and my computer said it's location was not found and with all the recent specktra drama/ haters I found myself having a panic attack! I thought our beloved site got shut down! What would I do without all you lovelies, our...
  13. saucipinkbabydoll

    NAO cosmetics?

    Has any of you girlies tried NAO (never accept ordinary) cosmetics before? If you did what do you think of the line and what's worthy of getting?Thanks!
  14. saucipinkbabydoll

    crimsonaire,royal hue,paradisco,parfaitamour,and pink opal

    this is my friend kar I was testing with her for my interview with mac which I got by the way!!!!Anyways it could have been blended better...but we were just fooling around with a buch of different looks that day. On the eyes: lid: crimsonaire,royal hue,paradisco, and parfait amour brow bone...
  15. saucipinkbabydoll

    yeah here is my purple leopard mask!!!

    What I used is face: tinted moisturizer nw35, studio fix in nc35, tigerlily blush eyes:kitchmas pigment, parfait amour, blacktrack fluidline, beauty marked for the leopard spots mac eye kohl and violet pigment lips: punkin and morning glory l/g
  16. saucipinkbabydoll

    purple leopard

    here is my halloween mask!
  17. saucipinkbabydoll

    beautiful Maui, Hawaii!!

    Let me know if any of you will be vacationing here on my island maybe we can meet up!
  18. saucipinkbabydoll

    what to wear in England?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone has ever been to England? I am going there mid September to Oct. 6 and I was wondering what I should wear over there? Also is there a particular store I should go to in London or thing I should get. Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions thanks!Oh and where to go.
  19. saucipinkbabydoll

    hi from saucipinkbabydoll

    just wanted to say hi I'm kristin and I live on Maui. I'm a freelance makeup artist mostly doing weddings and occasional prom makeup.If you need advice on anything I'm more than happy to give it to you!(=