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  1. suciarubia

    DaintyCake & IndieGirl l/s

    Hoping its okay to ask this here! Does anyone know if Dainty Cake & Indie Girl are still coveted (rare, htf) lipsticks? Both are from 2004 - 2005. And, how much do they usually sell for (no boxes, gently used, faint vanilla smell)? Thanks!
  2. suciarubia

    MUA deciding to join the conversation!

    Hi Specktra! I'm Adrienne. Have been a member since 2005, yet mostly lurked, then took a (long) break from forums. Since I'm now a licensed Esthetician/Makeup Artist working on a freelance only basis, I have the time and motivation to rejoin the community :) Excited to "meet" some fellow beauty...
  3. suciarubia

    Changing a day look into a night look

    I've read that a lot of MAC applicants are required to first create a day time look on their model during the demo and then convert it to a night time look. I was wondering if you could give me some examples of how to go about doing that (meaning, what kind of products to add to turn it into a...