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  1. summer6310

    MAC 134 or MAC150?

    What's the difference between MAC 134 & 150? They are both big powder brush but what's the stand out for each of them and what do you use them for?
  2. summer6310

    NARS nude blushes?

    I was wondering which one will show up better on NC35-40 skin, Sertao or Luster? I tried them both before but they seem very similar and sometime they don't show at all in some lighting or maybe they are just too close to my skin tone?
  3. summer6310

    Nars Lipgloss set Sandpiper/Rose Gitane

    Sephora has this online only lipgloss set for only $30. Including Sandpiper and Rose Gitane. They are both full size and its only $30!!!! What do you guys think about these shades?
  4. summer6310

    Nars cool tone pink blush for NC35-40?

    Hi all! I am looking into purchase my next Nars blush(Yay!!! Nars forever!!!) I already have my favorite peach tone: Torrid Lovejoy Sin Orgasm(trying to get rid of this) I would like to try something cool, pinkish color but lots of them don't show up on my NC 35-40 skin... any rec?
  5. summer6310

    Is mac holiday brush set worth buying?

    I like the short handles and thinking about to get one.... what u think?
  6. summer6310

    How do u use Sertao?

    For darker girls out there... how do you use Sertao? As blush, contour or highlighter?
  7. summer6310

    The Best Concealer out there?

    What is your favorite concealer? -for undereye circles -for fine lines -for blemishes or all in one?
  8. summer6310

    (((HELLO~ SPRING!!!))) my first FOTD ^^

    well, it's not really a spring look, it's more like summer look I guess(yay! so glad it's getting warm!) This is my first FOTD Got this new pair of lashes from The Face Shop and decided to give it a try, ehhhh... it took me forever to put them on, hopefully they didn't come out too bad. Face...
  9. summer6310

    ew...first depotted experience

    So tonight I finally pick up a few e/s and make them a quad, yay!!!BUT OMG...that horrible smell when I burn the pan... I thought I was gonna die from the chemical poisoning:crap: I was trying to hold my breath at all time, not sure that's gonna help... Seriously, there is really no other way...
  10. summer6310

    NYX e/s what to buy?

    I just found out a store near my office sell NYX and I was over joy I bought a green color trio for $4, plan to go back and get more, what trio palette do you like?
  11. summer6310

    MSF Dark, Deep Dark, Dark Deep...

    This is probably a dum question... MSF Natural Deep Dark and Dark, which one is darker? On the website Dark looks darker than Deep Dark, or one looks warmer than the other. Anyone has experiences on them?
  12. summer6310

    NARS Sin or somthing for darker skin tone?

    How does Sin look on NC40 skin? I am interested to get my second NARS blush, my skin is getting darker and Orgasm just doesn't work for me anymore. I want Laguna tho... too bad they don't have the duo for S/L...Which NARS blush look good on darker skin tone? I'd graduated from Orgasm tho
  13. summer6310

    MAC?=NARS Sin

    Is there a Mac blush similar to Nars Sin? Thanks
  14. summer6310

    Pinkish blush for NC40

    I am NC40 asian and currently searching for a pink tone blush. Since I am always into the tan look, I have bunch of peachy color blushes(Margin, Gingerly, Sunbasque...) and I do love them, but I think it is time to try something different The only "pink" blush I own is Nars Orgasm and it...
  15. summer6310

    Ramblin' Rose l/s

    I really love Ramblin' Rose(a tiny bit darker than Sandy B) when I have a little tan(NC40), but it dries my lips pretty bad since it's frost finish. Does anyone know if there is a l/g color exactly like it? I don't care much about the frost but really like the color. Thanks!!!
  16. summer6310

    I want to look tan...

    I am an asian, NC35. I love the tan look all year round but this year I decided to stop going to the tanning salon(I got scare of those new found wrinkle around my eyes ). So no more tanning... but I still want to achieve the tan glowing look. I kind of like the more natural and glowing face...
  17. summer6310

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello, My name is Summer...I am new and want to say hi I am so gald I found this site, it has so much info about MAC and amazing tut. I am excited to learn lots of stuff from here!