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  1. Mac-Guy

    MAC x Disney Aladdin (May 16, 2019)

    MAC x Disney Aladdin Collection for Spring/Summer 2019
  2. Mac-Guy

    MAC Hyper Real Glow Collection (January 2018 (Europe)/February 15, 2018 (N America))

    MAC Launching Hyper Real Glow Highlighter Palettes | Allure Who is excited about new highlighters? Mods, please add launch date if known
  3. Mac-Guy

    MAC x Padma Lakshmi (March 15, 2018)

    MAC x Padma Lakshmi Collection for Spring 2018
  4. Mac-Guy

    MAC x Jeremy Scott (February 8, 2018)

    MAC x Jeremy Scott Collection for Spring 2018
  5. Mac-Guy

    MAC Early Buzz - News for Upcoming Collections in 2017

    2017 is approaching fast. :wavey:
  6. Mac-Guy

    MAC x Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection (Oct 2, 2014)

    This collection will be da bomb. No confirmed date yet. No more info available. Will update when we know more. Credit goes to various members, e.g. @Yazmin and @Uptownbackinit, who confirmed this collection. This collection will be MSO.
  7. Mac-Guy

    MAC x Marian Newman Nail Transformations Collection (June 26, 2014)

    Anybody excited for Marian Newman?
  8. Mac-Guy

    MAC Masterclass Brush Collection (November 2013)

    ... time for a new thread! M∙A∙C introduces a unique, breakthrough range of brushes that deliver a high level of performance and revolutionize personal makeup application. Ergonomically designed for even and effortless application, lush, silky, synthetic fibres are engineered to...
  9. Mac-Guy

    MAC x Pedro Lourenço (June 5, 2014)

    ... time for a new thread! :-)
  10. Mac-Guy

    MAC Illustrated Collection (July 2013)

    ... time for a new thread Originally Posted by Naynadine MAC Illustrated Collection
  11. Mac-Guy

    MAC Prolongwear Collection (September 5, 2013)

    ... time for a new thread Perm!!! Prolongwear paint pot $20 Chrome Angel-platinum silver Let's Skate-pale pink with pearl Perky-creamy coral with white pearl Rubenesque-golden peach with gold pearl Layin' Low-creamy beige Clearwater-sea foam Camel Coat-muted beige...
  12. Mac-Guy

    MAC Retro Matte collection (September 12, 2013)

    ... time for a new thread This collection consists of 8 l/s and 8 PLW l/l Sept 12 International-after September 12 PERM!!!!!!!!!!!! Lipstick Relentlessly Red - bright pinkish coral Dangerous - orngy red All Fired Up - bright fuchsia Flat Out Fabulous - bright...
  13. Mac-Guy

    MAC So Supreme Collection (August 1, 2013)

    ... time for a new thread Sheen Supreme Lipstick: $17 Prêt-a-pretty-Soft Warm Pink Gotta Dash!-Pale clean coral Playtime-Bright coral pink Sweet Grenadine-Bright Orange Pleasurefruit-Bright Warm Pink Candy Apple-Mid-tone warm plum Sheen Supreme Lipglass Tint...
  14. Mac-Guy

    MAC Indulge Collection (August 22, 2013)

    ... time for a new thread aug 22 international sept lipstick- just a bite-mid-tone blue-red (s) feed the senses-mid-tone mauvey nude (l) smash hit-sheer golden sparkle (d) by design-soft shimmery beige (f) sweet succulence-deep glossy plum (l) lipglass- lust for...
  15. Mac-Guy

    MAC Pressed Pigments Collection (August 2013)

    ... time for a new thread Pressed Pigments August 1st Pressed Pigment (All frost): Vanilla Diamond-Warm yellow beige *Sweet Acting-Mid-tone pink Summer Honey-Pastel Coral Lime Ice-Seafoam Green # Rock Candy-Mid-tone Fuchsia Pink Pepper-Deep coral with gold...
  16. Mac-Guy

    MAC Prep +Prime BB Collection (July 2013)

    ... time for a new thread Who is excited for 9 new shades?!
  17. Mac-Guy

    MAC Lure of the Lash Collection Discussion (April 2013)

    ... time for a new thread Lengthen lashes with number 7 Lash, line with Penultimate Eye Liner and define with False Lashes mascara - three iconic fan favourites essential for creating a classic M·A·C eye.
  18. Mac-Guy

    Kittery, ME CCO (Premium Outlet)

    This CCO is quite a gem if you look for older LE items. Very friendly SA. Some items are hidden behind the counter (brushes, pencils), so don't forget to ask.
  19. Mac-Guy

    MAC x Rihanna Collection Discussion (2013)

    ... time for a new thread Source:
  20. Mac-Guy

    MAC X The Return of Marilyn Monroe Collection Discussion (2013)

    ... time for a new thread! Please give proper credit to Specktra when you get your information from here. Don't steal :) Release date: TBC Who is exited for a return of Marilyn?