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  1. Natural_Paradox

    Laura Mercier Discussion

    am i the only one who thinks that this cosmetics line doesn't get the love it deserves. best tinted moisturizer, best foundation primer and one of the best loose powders out there! if you are a fan, let me know why lets talk...
  2. Natural_Paradox

    mac essentials

    i am a newbie to mac, so i want to hear from all you lovely mac junkies and general makeup junkies of what is a "mac" essential? eyeshadow shades, fix +, whatever you like. i dont use mac foundations because they tend to break me out (i used select cover up in nc45 for a little bit, its a...
  3. Natural_Paradox

    hi everyone..

    hi ladies...(if i left anyone out, my bad) my name is jasmine, but please call me paradox (my sisters do!) i am up in the northwest right now with my hubby (army) and will be going back to school in the fall (thank you jesus). anywho, my beauty obssesion started with my job at a very popular...