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  1. KimmyAnn_678

    Fake perfumes being sold in mall kiosks

    So we knew that a mall kiosk had been set to undercut our department store perfume pricing. Before we knew who the guy was, he came into our department store and wanted to know the prices of a lot of our perfumes, I guess the fragrance girl thought he was kooky shopper. After we found out...
  2. KimmyAnn_678

    Macy's new return policy... excited?

    So I guess we're now officially in the "there is absolutely no time limit, absolutely no proof of purchase ever needed to return things" period now. Who in their right mind comes up with these policies? Oh yeah, that's right, people that have never worked in retail or dealt with customers once...
  3. KimmyAnn_678


    Is anyone else watching this? I'm really getting into it and wish the season isn't almost already over. I hope ABC Family continues this series! It's basically a show about teens at a fat camp starring Nikki Blonsky
  4. KimmyAnn_678

    Lauder's Blue Dalhia Fall Color View

    I was surprised with all the talk of the Lancome fall collection, no one mentioned the Estee Lauder Blue Dahlia one. Because I'm in LOVE LOL. These pics do absolutely no justice to the eyeshadows, which you know if you've seen them in the stores yourselves. I ran into the store on my day off...
  5. KimmyAnn_678

    Retail Worker website :: Index Does anyone have any clue of how to register? Some of us at work are itching to register, but can't figure out how to LOL.
  6. KimmyAnn_678

    Lost my Gratis User ID...

    So I had my Estee Lauder gratis User ID paper taped up next to the computer (I don't have the 'net so I keep this stuff at my mom's) and she recently went on a cleaning spree and must have thrown it away... BUT she kept all kinds of other stupid papers that were laying around. I've left a msg...
  7. KimmyAnn_678

    BP Oil Spill

    I did a search and didn't find any threads which was confusing... But in any case, I just saw these pictures today: Caught in the Oil. I just can't imagine having to be there and actually see this stuff in person.
  8. KimmyAnn_678

    Need songs with "Beautiful" in them

    We're putting together a playlist of songs that have Beautiful in the lyrics (not just once or twice, but as a re-occurring lyric) to play at the counter next week during gift. So far we have: Beautiful Lie - 30 Seconds to Mars Beautiful - Akon She Don't Know She's Beautiful - Alan Jackson...
  9. KimmyAnn_678

    Lauder uniforms Q

    If any other Lauder BA's could tell me how the uniform sizing goes, I would be forever grateful My CM told me that out AC would be in touch soon regarding ordering my uniform and I'm a little nervous because I have no clue what size I'll be needing... I'm on the chunky side of things, and I'm...
  10. KimmyAnn_678

    All new BA's, what to do with existing Clients?

    I just started at our Lauder counter and need some advice... here's the backstory. There used to be 1 Counter Manager and 1 other full time BA. About 4 months ago, the full timer left. About 3 months ago, the CM stepped down to the regular Beauty Advisor spot. A few weeks ago, that slot got...
  11. KimmyAnn_678

    Emmy Fashion Police

    Did Khloe Kardashian annoy anyone else? And what fashion expertise do she and Heather Longboobs bring to the table? I fast forwarded thru most of the program I was so annoyed
  12. KimmyAnn_678

    DuWop Reverse Eyeliner

    Sephora: DuWop Reverse Eyeliner: Eyeliner Has anyone tried this? No matter what brand of eyeliner I use, I always end up with panda eyes and would love to try this if it has worked for others
  13. KimmyAnn_678

    Breastfeeding in public

    Just read the breast feeding story and it reminded me of my own (again when I worked in Women's Shoes). A nice youngish lady comes in (maybe around 30) with her cute baby. She picks out some shoes and I go into the back to get them. When I come out, her tank top is pulled down and she's...
  14. KimmyAnn_678

    Paints vs. Paint Pots

    Sorry if this is in another thread, but I've tried looking and couldn't seem to find it. When using these as a base, which seems to be better for people with oily lids and deep creases? I'm interesting in trying them out but I hate buying unless I think it will work for me Any opinion or...
  15. KimmyAnn_678

    Brush cleaning fun!

    Does anyone else just LOVE cleaning their brushes? Or am I just weird? LOL. Tonight's brush cleaning night and I can't wait... I love laying them all out to dry and just knowing tomorrow I will have perfectly clean fresh brushes to work with... I love it! But on a sadder note, I'm almost...
  16. KimmyAnn_678

    MAC in SATC article

    I just got my new On Makeup mag the other day and there's an article about the new Sex and the City movie. Most of the article (written by Shannon Levy) is quotes from SJP's MUA Judy Chin and the make up relating to the movie. Here's a neat quote telling what MAC products were used on SJP: "To...
  17. KimmyAnn_678

    Hello everyone :)

    Hello! Figured I'd introduce myself since I'm starting to actually post now My name is Kim and I'm from PA. I'm just now really getting into MAC after really only using their pigments and Fluidlines, so it's been helpful reading all the posts and watching tutorials to get ideas as to which...