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  1. Bakagan

    Has anybody read about Forever21's plan to file for bankruptcy?

    Nobody likes fast fashion anymore. People would rather spend more money for better quality clothes that will last longer and don’t contain terrible logos. For example that kind of products are much better.
  2. Bakagan

    What RARE MAC Items Do You Own?

    Buy something right now and in 2025 it will be rare ;) for example that kind of products are rare in our days.
  3. Bakagan

    Tom Ford Beauty Discussion

    Got my SOLEIL EYE AND CHEEK PALETTE with 30% discount yesterday;) Also you should take a look at which has 40% of discount.
  4. Bakagan


    Hello and welcome!
  5. Bakagan

    Forum posts

    How many messages do i need to get to spare from this "moderation approve"?
  6. Bakagan

    Why do you love MAC products?

    I got my makeup done there last summer. It was very busy and I had to stand rather than sit, but they got me in without an appoitment via. I thought it as worth it :)