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  1. Jennifer Mcfly

    Travel Destination Key West

    My boyfriend and I are taking our first vacation together!!! We've been together a little over a year, with the first 11 month being long distance. I moved down to be with him in March and now we're heading to Key West for the weekend for our first vacation. I know Key West is a pretty...
  2. Jennifer Mcfly

    Gorgeous Dress, who's it by?!?!?

    Wow, how I love this dress! I wonder who the designer is? Help if you can Thanks!
  3. Jennifer Mcfly

    Attn: South Fla Ladies, Ft. Laud etc.

    I'm getting ready to move back to South Florida (Ft. Lauderdale area) from Tampa in March. I'm on the job hunt!!! If any of you lovely ladies have any heads up for any admin assistant jobs or even any makeup counters that are hiring I have experience (6+ years) in both fields!! I'm willing to...
  4. Jennifer Mcfly

    Tis the season...for the flu!!

    Which I have acquired! I'm a miserable blob since sunday. I've taken everything under the sun and still feel icky. So, I want to know, what do you do when you're sick? Anything from your favorite drugstore product (nyquil, sudafed, alka seltzer...) or your homemade remedy (warm oj with a...
  5. Jennifer Mcfly

    Should I stay or should I go??

    So...i was raised in South Florida. I lived there until I was 22 when I decided to leave the nest for Jacksonville, FL. I lived there a year and wasn't too thrilled with it so I moved to the Tampa/St. Petersburg area where I've been for about 5 years now. It's become my home. I really like it...
  6. Jennifer Mcfly

    Update (Been MIA)

    So, I've been MIA for quite some time so I just wanted to get some pics up of me and my new love! Hopefully I'll get some FOTD's done soon! Thanks for looking!!
  7. Jennifer Mcfly

    Best Blow Dryer

    My roommate has a rusk speedfreak and it's awesome! i want one sooo bad! but before i buy it, i was just wondering if anyone has other recs? Thanks!
  8. Jennifer Mcfly

    Long Time, No Post FOTD

    Hello Long Lost Specktrettes!!! this is a look from Saturday night! after a long night of dancing the hair's gotten pulled back and the lips went from lipstick and gloss to just lipgloss! LOL!! I don't remember all I used. I know I used Bright Pink Pro Mac Pigment. Shadowy Lady...
  9. Jennifer Mcfly

    Shite, I lost my job...

    ...where did it go? No, but seriously I was let go from my job yesterday. Such a shitty feeling! I've never been let go or fired. The company had to downsize per the bonding company b/c the president is a crack head who's been arrested twice in the past 2 months!!! It's a small company, about...
  10. Jennifer Mcfly

    Chloe, part two!

    Here's some pics of Chloe's new dress! It's an XS but still a little big. (She's only 3.5lbs) New dress and yummy bone! New bed (gift from cousin to Chloe) Rain Coat since it rains ALOT in Florida! It's green with toggle clasps, I know the pic isn't the best. ^I just love this one...
  11. Jennifer Mcfly


    My new Dior Bag!! A very (very) early Xmas present from my parents!!! I just love it. Not the best pics, but I couldn't wait to get home to take pics w/ my cam so I just used my cell phone! I love it!!!
  12. Jennifer Mcfly

    Free Photoshop?

    Is there a place to go to get photoshop for free? I have no picture editing programs and all I want is to be able to decently get rid of red eye in my pics. Ever since I got this new camera I have such a problem! I never had one with my sony, but this crappy kodak one gives every freakin person...
  13. Jennifer Mcfly

    Sunrise, FL CCO (Sawgrass Mills)

    I was visiting my parents this weekend and took the 20 minute drive to Sawgrass Mills Mall to hit Off 5th (Saks outlet) where the CCO is located. There was not too much MAC goodies, but I did get: 187 brushes (2, one for me, one for a friend for her bday) Hush CCB Star Nova lustreglass...
  14. Jennifer Mcfly

    Camera Recs pleeeease!

    Our digital camera broke! pooh. So we're in the market for a new one. I had a sony cybershot 5.1megapixel but never really loved it. So I want something better! Something that takes great pics, is small and easy to work. My price range is about 300-400 and I'd like to go 6megapixels this time...
  15. Jennifer Mcfly

    Estee Lauder!

    There's a chance I might get to work for Estee Lauder! I've been working part-time @ Dillard's for over a month now, and became friends with a girl from Estee. She said everytime I walk by the manager always says she wants me down there (right now I work in Juniors). So on Saturday she brought...
  16. Jennifer Mcfly

    Discount Haul

    So I recently started working for Dillard's! Which means I get a 25% discount on everything! Including MAC!!!! So yesterday I got a few items: Goldensoft Lip gelee Pink Clash Lipglass Relaxing e/s That is all! But instead of it being like $45 it was only $34! Hells yeah boy!
  17. Jennifer Mcfly

    1st Speeding Ticket

    Man, on my way to work this morning I got pulled over. It's my first ticket in 4 years and my first ever speeding ticket. I was all prepared to buy some Lure goodies this weekend and buy some stuff for my new pup but that's all gone to hell now! I'm glad I have a second job b/c that's what's...
  18. Jennifer Mcfly

    New Puppy!!

    New pics of Chloe! (instead of starting a new thread I just updated this one) my pretty little girl! She love's her bed! and her toys! Myself, Chloe and my cousins dog Krash
  19. Jennifer Mcfly

    Weight Perception

    Isn't it so funny how our views of ourselves are so different from everyone else's? Sometimes you look in the mirror and see an image that no-one else sees. You think you look fat, everyone else thinks you look great. You think you look great, and you have those damn people watchers making fun...
  20. Jennifer Mcfly

    My lil' sis high school grad pics

    My little (yes, my little) sister! Not only is she 9 years younger then me, but she also is little, like 5'1 I'm so proud of her!!! Stacey & I Me and my cousin during the ceremony. i just love him, we're kindred spirits. sometimes other family members (his sister and one of our aunts) get...