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  1. chocolategoddes

    Favorite Fashion Blogs/ Forums

    For all you fashionistas out there, what is your favorite fashion-based blog and/or messageboard forum? I'd love a forum similar to Specktra, where one can learn and receive tips and constructive criticism. I've been following collective fashion consciousness. for a while but I'm...
  2. chocolategoddes

    Screw Modesty!!!

    Brag about yourself! What are you good at? What are your talents? What have you accomplished? What are you proud of? What makes you awesome?
  3. chocolategoddes

    I Can't Flirt :(

    I know you're all tired of me constantly talking about how I'm "just one of the guys" and all that bullshit, but it's been interfering with any sort of potential love life I could possibly have. I've met a really cool guy who I've developed a pretty big crush on. He's everything I could ever...
  4. chocolategoddes

    College Roommate Frustrations!!!

    I usually try to refrain from whining about my problems on Specktra, but I've just been so stressed and frustrated that I needed to rant to some people on the internet who wouldn't mind reading what I have to say. Before going off to college, I had this fantasy in my mind that I'd form some...
  5. chocolategoddes

    Best Drugstore Eyebrow Pencil?

    What drugstore eyebrow pencil do you prefer and why?
  6. chocolategoddes

    My Big, Fat, Red Lips + Silver Glitter FOTD

    Did you know that it's impossible to bob your head back and forth while your mouth is open? Try it. The eyes are loosely based off a look Rachel McAdams wore. I just added the red lips. FACE MAC SFF MAC Ambering Rose blush Wet N Wild random e/s used as highlighter MAC Folie e/s for...
  7. chocolategoddes

    Blue&Teal/Barbie-ish FOTD!

    Here's a dramatic dark/bright eye with raspberry pink lips. Then I changed it to a nude lip. (My mom didn't make me do it this time ) I know my last FOTD was a teal eye, but that had green tones in it. This one has dark smokey blues. So it's different!!! OKAY?!?! FACE MAC SFF MAC Crushed...
  8. chocolategoddes

    Like A Friggin' Mermaid Or Somethin'... FOTD

    Here's a soft teal eye with a bold orangey/coral lip. It makes me think of one of them tropical fruity drinks with mangoes and pineapples and shit. Enjoy yo'self. FACE MAC SFF NARS Exhibit A blush MAC Paradisco e/s as highlight EYES MAC Sea Me s/s MAC Spiritualize p/g MAC Humid, Graphology...
  9. chocolategoddes

    Angelina Jolie's Beauty Overrated

    What do you think? I've gotten into quite a few discussions about whether or not Angelina Jolie is really "THAT" gorgeous. Some people say she has one of the most beautiful faces that ever existed while others say it's nothing that special or that she's even quite ugly. In your opinion, is...
  10. chocolategoddes

    Real World: Brooklyn

    Did anyone catch the first episode? What do you think of this season and the cast? I like that it's not just going to be a bunch of dumb jocks and slutty, dramatic bimbos getting drunk and sleeping around like it has been the past few seasons.
  11. chocolategoddes


    Do your fear it? Do you look forward to it? Is it a punishment? Is there an afterlife or is death really the end? What do you think dying would be like? etc... I'm basically asking what your personal thoughts on death are. I used to fear death but the way I see it is, if everyone's doing...
  12. chocolategoddes

    Lookit 'em Lovely Lilacs: Thanksgiving FOTD!

    I was actually kind of proud of this look, so I decided to share. I think one of my first FOTDs was a year ago and when I compare those looks to now, I can see some sort of improvement. I wore this for Thanksgiving dinner. FACE Studio Fix Fluid Crushed Bougainvillea CCB Dame Blush EYES...
  13. chocolategoddes


    If anyone doesn't know what a bromance is, it's basically a really close friendship between two straight guys. You can google it. Tyra even did a show on it. Now, there's this boy I like. He's funny; he's hot; he's sweet; he's got a little bad boy in him... everything I like in a guy. My big...
  14. chocolategoddes

    Fiesty, Fierce Purples: My First MAC Makeover :D

    It's funny: the MAs name is Jesus and boy, did he work a miracle. I LOVED THIS LOOK! I told him to do what ever he wanted and to just have fun with it. I could tell he got excited. There was a point during the session where other MAs were walking over with their jaws dropped open...
  15. chocolategoddes

    Rock Of Love: Charm School

    Did anyone catch the premiere? What do you think? I hope it's good...
  16. chocolategoddes

    Dorm/ Campus Life

    We've all heard about crazy college shenanigans and watched those college humor films, but what is life on a college campus really like? I'm planning on attending university in the Fall of '09 and I'm really excited/ nervous about being on my own, surrounded by thousands of new people, and...
  17. chocolategoddes

    Tattoos/ Piercings on Darker Skin

    In the near future, I'd like to get a few tattoos and piercings. I do, however, have a few concerns that are holding me back and making me think twice. Tattoos: Though my skin isn't very, very dark, I'm afraid that certain colors won't appear as vibrant on my skin as they would on a fairer...
  18. chocolategoddes

    A Super Fun and Sunny Tropical-y FOTD!!!

    When I was first doing this look, I left out the blue and green. It was soft and pretty but I just needed that pop of color! FACE MAC Studio Fix Fluid Iman Cream to Powder MAC Ambering Rose, Hushabye NYX Pecan EYES UDPP MAC Antiqued, Amber Lights Wet n Wild highlight shadow Fyrinnae Tabloid...
  19. chocolategoddes

    Crazy, Artsy, Geometric FUN!!!

    I decided to do an expirimental look using block shapes and bright colors. Hopefully, you all enjoy these. It was fun to do. EYES UDPP SeaMe s/s Random red lipstick NYX rust NYX walnut MAC humid HIP blue shadow MAC flashtrack Fyrinnae Chlorphyl Fyrinnae Aztec Gold Milani white eyeshadow NYC...
  20. chocolategoddes

    Did You Eat Your GREENS, Young Man?

    It wouldn't be a proper Kensie aka Chocolategoddes FOTD without a really dumb title. Well, I'm back with a green eye and a natural matte lip. I actually did my brows and contoured a bit. Enjoy and remember that CC is always appreciated! FACE Iman Cream Foundation Clay5 and Earth7 L'Oreal...