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  1. kaneda

    Where can I get an off-white eye pencil?

    Does anyone know where I can get a beige eye-pencil? I like the effect created when people line their waterline with white eye pencil. However, as an NW47, this just does not work for me. I was watching a Billy B video, and he recommends lining with a beige eye pencil... but I can't find one...
  2. kaneda


    So, I've come to the realisation that I really do not want to be in London. This place does something horrible to my head, and I need to get out . I think I've decided that I want to move to Bristol (which is basically a city surrounded by the countryside), seems to have quite a good social...
  3. kaneda - help to fight world hunger

    Hi all, Not sure if anyone has heard about this website:FreeRice but thought that I would make a thread about it. Basically, it's the sister site to the world poverty site ( It's an english vocabulary online word game, where for every word you answer directly, the site...
  4. kaneda

    Travelling Alone

    Have any of you been travelling alone? How did you find it and where did you go? I'm feeling quite fed up with my life at the moment, and I really feel that I need to get out of my environment and do something completely new. But, I'm worried about travelling by myself. The vast majority of...
  5. kaneda

    Essential e/s's for a NW25

    Hi all, What would you say are the must have e/s if you're an NW25. I'm going to be buying my mate some make up (brown hair, brown eyes), so would be useful to have some recommendations . Preferably Mac, but also Bobbi Brown.
  6. kaneda

    Seriously - How do you curb your addiction??

    As the title says - how do you curb your Make up addiction?? I've just been looking on the MAC website at the N Collection and there are definately some items that I want to check out and will probably want to buy( but ) but I know in my heart of hearts that I should take it easy this month...
  7. kaneda

    ::Based on Henna_Spirit's Dramatic Green eyez tutorial::

    This is my first FOTD on specktra and is based on the amazing tutorial by Henna_Spirit which can be found here: I'm still pretty new to wearing makeup, so any tips on how to improve is appreciated I know my liquid eyeliner needs some practice and...
  8. kaneda

    New girl from London

    Well I'm new so thought I should say hello! I'm 22 from London, still getting used to wearing mu (used to only wear e/s and mascara) but sure I'll be able to get loads of great tips from this site Di x x