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    Boyfriend Is Getting Pissed With My Make-Up Obsession

    Ladies!! I badly need some advice right now. My relationship is on the line. I feel like my boyfriend is being so unreasonable. He knows I love makeup. He knows I'm passionate about makeups, but he recently asked me to stop buying my favorite stuff. It's not that he has to spend his money on...
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    Can going on a diet cause depression?

    Losing weight was like a mission to me, I would set a goal but had no idea what that would be. I am obsessed with weighing myself every day and would be upset anytime the scale moved. But I also noticed that dieting has worsened my mood. I am worried that my dieting has a negative effect on my...
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    Do you wear jewelry?

    Do you wear jewelry? If so, what kind and how often do you wear them? What is your most valuable piece of jewelry? I am not really into jewelry but I do love to wear rings
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    Ketogenic diet anyone?

    Is a Ketogenic diet really effective? Is it safe?
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    Meghan Markle's wedding dress

    have you seen her wedding dress by Givenchy? simple and elegant, what can you say about it?
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    Losing interest in his own health

    Help! My brother is in dire need to wake up from being a couch potato. He gained 30 lbs in just three months. He just sits in our living room to play games and watch tv shows. Before, he was really into fitness. He went to the gym and watched his nutrition. But now, I don't know what happened to...
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    Meal Plan for Ketogenic Diet

    Hi all. I hope you can help me with this. I am helping out a friend lose weight and I read that ketogenic diet is a good method. Can you share me some recipes?
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    Feeling depressed because of botched nose job

    A friend of mine lost her job, her boyfriend and her self-confidence after a failed nose job. Now she is extremely depressed and won't go out of her apartment. I tried to cheer her up but to no avail. Would it be beneficial if she talks to a therapist maybe? or anyone that can boost her confidence?
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    I Want to Refinance My Car Loan

    I just want to ask all the beautiful girls here a question, can I refinance my car loan if I have a bad credit? I really want to lower my monthly car payments and get lower interest rate with better terms. Do you think this is possible?
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    Medical software

    Are you guys familiar with EHR software?? If so, What is the best software in the market? Thanks!
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    Online consultations?

    Is this popular now? My sister was at work so I had to go with my niece to the doctor. After the consultation, we were asked by the secretary if we'd like to have online consultations instead the next time since my sister's house is pretty far from their clinic. I didn't know that this was a...
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    Breasts During Pregnancy

    Also one more thing, my breasts suddenly became very tender and sensitive. I know for a fact that these are symptoms of being pregnant. Please don't get me wrong I'm at the right age and I've been planning to settle down also with the boyfriend. Having mixed feelings of excitement and at the...
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    Five Days Delayed

    My monthly dot is five days delayed. I wonder how soon can I take a home pregnancy test?
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    Tips to Avoid Heat Stroke

    I will share this article that I read about tips avoiding heat stroke. The weather from where I am is very humid it feels like you're inside the oven. I had a friend who died a few days ago because of cardiac arrest. You know how hot weather and heart disease can be a dangerous combination and...