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  1. Janice

    Brush guards?

    I've been traveling a bit more recently and am curious to know what your favorite brush guards are. I want to protect my brushes even when they're securely in the roll just due to the movement heavy nature of travel. Would love to hear your fav!! :)
  2. Janice

    MAC Lightful skincare thoughts?

    I haven't tried any products from previous Lightful collections but after seeing the natural look Pia Wurtzback posted on the Ms. Universe Facebook page yesterday I'm interested! I'm thinking about picking up the Lightful-C softening lotion because it's the only product that wouldn't be a...
  3. Janice

    MAC Matte LS shade extension - thoughts so far?

    (photo credit to joylovelessmua on insta!) What are your thoughts on the recent new matte shade extension to the perm collection? What are you all doing with them if you're using any of the new colors? Have you found one you love yet? I haven't had a chance to check them out in person, but from...
  4. Janice

    Specktra community update!

    Dear Specktra community, 2016 has been a year of transition. Change is difficult - for you, for me, for the community as a whole. When I received word late last year that the community needed to move off the old platform I knew that I would do whatever it took to make sure Specktra continued...
  5. Janice

    Welcome back!

    Hi all! So excited to have you back with us! I know our downtime was extended past what even we initially thought it would be but we had to ensure that logins were working correctly. Some of you MAY experience issues with your passwords. We're sorry if this causes you a bit of frustration...
  6. Janice

    Report issues, feedback and suggestions with the "new" site here!

    Hey everyone! :yess: Use this space to report any issues you're having. PLEASE do not send a PM to staff as this thread is being monitored by all of us AND the developer working on the site conversion. Please take time to fully describe your issue as well as post what browser you're using...
  7. Janice

    Update on Forum Migration!

    ETA - FORUM DOWNTIME WILL BEGIN FRIDAY 11/20 @ 10AM PST Heya! We’re ALMOST there, fam! In just a few short days we’ll be migrating to our new home on a private server with the forum utilizing vBulletin software. Those of you who have been around for more than 4 years will find the...
  8. Janice

    America's next top model - Cycle 21

    Who's watching?! The boys this season are ON FIRE! They're killing it, the ladies really need to step it up if they want that crown. Okay, Romeo is totally weird, but WOW he really pops in his photos and I'm loving the tats. His attitude may get him into trouble in the house, though it...
  9. Janice

    Throwback - Tamagotchi Virtual Pets

    Does anyone remember these from the mid-90's? I remember having one, but it was nowhere near as cute as the ones they get overseas! Recently I got bit by the bug to revisit these as toys. I just really like the idea of it being cute to have in my purse and also have a little pet to...
  10. Janice

    Introducing - The Scoop

    Hey Cuties! After my last announcement regarding the Color Collections forum being made member-only we, Specktra administration, kept our thinking hats on and decided that we wanted to do MORE to keep the information protected. We think that we made a step forward with closing the Color...
  11. Janice

    What’s your personality profile? Take our quiz!

    Hi all! Here at Specktra, we’re always looking for ways to get to know each member of our community family better. To help us do this, we’ve got an awesome and easy personality quiz for you to take. Are you a Film Addict, a Tech Guru, or maybe a Comic Book Fanatic? This quiz is...
  12. Janice

    MAC Color Collections sub forum now member only 07/09/2014

    Hey Specktrites! Effective today the Color Collections forum will be members only. Our heart, our mission, is to be a resource of information and to share that information freely. We want both old and new to the hobby to be able to find the answers they seek here. We hope that as they use...
  13. Janice

    Please welcome Naynadine and Glambition as MAC Chat Moderators!

    Hello, Today we announce the first two users accepted as Moderators in the MAC Chat section of the site, Naynadine and Glambition. We look forward to both of you joining the current staff in steering the MAC Chat forum back into the days of old where much fun and fantasizing about...
  14. Janice

    Now recruiting - MAC Chat forum moderators

    Hi all, we're looking for a couple of you lovely cupcakes who would be willing to volunteer your time to be MAC Chat Moderator (including MAC Chat Premium). As you all may know this is most active and busy section so we're really looking for members who are already very active on the site. Part...
  15. Janice

    hi. :)

    What's up? I'm at work trying to ignore the fact I want Naked 3 almost as bad as I want Matt Bellamy's babies. I'm not on a no buy, but I'm really just focusing on replenishment atm. But those colors are right up my alley! /sadface
  16. Janice

    An important message - please read!

    Greetings Specktra Netizens! It’s the holiday season and with many new MAC collections releasing, the subversive activity that was brought to our attention last month has not abated. In fact, it seems to have intensified to the point I have recieved several PM’s from upset members who can...
  17. Janice

    A very special announcement!

    Hello netizens of Specktra! Dawn and I have been spending ALOT of time discussing what we can do to improve the sense of community around the forum and we’ve got a few ideas we’re pretty stoked about. The administration of these ideas can be a bit overwhelming for one person when you’re...
  18. Janice

    New CK editor and also a new "reviews" link in your profile

    Hi Specktrites! The latest release of forum software has quite a few upgrades. The biggest one you've probably noticed is the new editor you use to create all your new posts and threads with. It's been designed to be more intuitive so it's easier to use and contains quite a few new bits...
  19. Janice

    Review forums closed to new threads

    Hi Specktrites! In order to facilitate moving over to the new review system (which is super spiffy and underutilized) we've made the decision to close the review set of forums to new threads. The content isn't going anywhere, it will stay on the site for archival purposes. We strongly encourage...
  20. Janice

    Get to know each other!

    Okay Specktrites! There are so many wonderful new members on the forum, it's been so long since we had the opportunity to get to know each other. This thread is a way for us to get to know you and also catch up with long time forum members as well (WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU UP TO THESE DAYS!), lol...