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  1. silverblackened

    21st Birthday Haul

    Today (or yesterday, since it's already more than an hour past midnight here) my boyfriend surprised me with a trip to the MAC store before our scheduled dinner out, with an order to pick out any five things I wanted. So after much ooh-ing and aah-ing and major indecision, I picked out: Fab &...
  2. silverblackened

    Glissade MSF

    I have no idea what to do with this product. I bought it, admittedly, on a whim, and when I brush it onto my NC25-30 skin, all that shows up is glitter. Would anyone have some advice that might save my Glissade? I'm giving it one last chance before I decide for sure to let it go, hopefully to...
  3. silverblackened

    Mini-Haul :)

    Yesterday, I took my boyfriend with me to my favourite MAC counter so that I could claim my reward (we were betting on what would happen to the Keppler character on CSI, and I won) - of course, we all know that you can't just stop at one when you're at MAC! I finally left the counter with...
  4. silverblackened

    Glasses + Makeup?

    What would you recommend for someone who almost always wears glasses? Specifically on the eyes, of course, but I'm such a n00b that every little bit of help counts, LOL. I did a search on here and found an old thread about this, but nothing really conclusive. I have really high myopia and...
  5. silverblackened

    Hi, from my little corner in SE Asia :)

    I'm another one who finally decided to get up off my lazy ass and register properly and all, so - hello, from Singapore! As far as makeup goes, I own a very small collection - I enjoy doing it for other people (I've done lots of performance work in school and such, so many opportunities to...