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  1. xJUDYx

    shu & vs haul!

    i got my shu stuff today. _loose powder container *shu mini lash curler FREEE! * &a few samples of cleansing oil & the toner i ordered a bathing suit from vs in the mail today..well i HOPED it was my bathing suit..when i opened was the WRONG FREAKING ORDER!! i received 2 PINK tshirts..i...
  2. xJUDYx

    ** plz help me find this! **

    i was watching zack & cody tonight and i reaaalllly like ashley tisdales black top! do any of you ladies know where i could find one like it? thanksss
  3. xJUDYx

    today is my birthday!

    yayy! i am 2freaking1!
  4. xJUDYx

    its crunch time! only a few more days!

    how many of you are still not done xmas shopping yet? or how many of you havent even started & are waiting til the 24th?! i'm almost done. i started right after thanksgiving** and i had everything wrapped 2 weeks ago. i'm still searching for the picky ones and the ones i have NO CLUE as to...
  5. xJUDYx

    need help!

    hey ladies! my big 2-1 is coming up next week & i bought a really cute arden b dress to wear out. only problem is..ITS SEE THROUGH! haha i'm needing some suggestions on what to wear underneath and where to get it. i was thinking nude strapless ( convertible ) dressish slip i read the other...
  6. xJUDYx

    teeny tiny miniscule haul..

    b2m my shadow pots and got blankety lipstick & went to the cco here in nashville & got loose blot powder. no pictures i'm sure ya'll know what they look like
  7. xJUDYx

    how many of you ladies HATE buying jeans?

    I DO!! i think the last pair of jeans i bought were...8 months ago? and before that..was about a year before that? the thought of going into the store..picking the right size..color..shape..rise..& trying them on! UGH haha
  8. xJUDYx

    1 month anni. gift/haul =]

    for our one whole month he gave me $100 to spend on makeup! lol so today i got urban decay primer potion from sephora since my sample one is running low and at mac i got.. parfait amour & phloof! in pans and lashes in #7 and a a 4 pan palettes. pictures when i get home! i liked stuff...
  9. xJUDYx

    pray for kaleb!

    this was a bulletin a recieved earlier today while on myspace..very tragic.. how could a person do that to another human being?! Ok, I am a member of a website for mothers called CAFEMOM. One of mommy friends on their has had a horrible tradgedy hit her...
  10. xJUDYx

    Judy's Purp Tut!!

    Alright ladies, its my very 1st tut from my very 1st FOTD! FOTD link i never knew how FREAKEN long it took to do tutorials, so two thumbs up for all you who've done one! theres about.........60 photos to go with this!! haha lets get started...
  11. xJUDYx

    i wouldnt even call it a haul!

    went to the local outlet mall. i got waternymph & fix+ from the CCO haha. i couldnt make up my mind on the e/s i wanted, so i'm coming back for more
  12. xJUDYx

    hot pink & electric eel eotd

    heres what i had on for today. its nothing tooo great. i need to trim the brows i know. haha products used MAC electric eel MAC crystal avalanche MAC carbon REBEL hot pink MAX FACTOR mascara closed looking down open thanks for looking! =]
  13. xJUDYx

    Judys 1st fotd!! shes on that purp =]

    heres the link for the tut here! =] sooo this is my 2nd time EVERRRRRRRRRR showing my face here..eek! i'm getting ready to out for SUSHI tonight with the girls..sooooo i'll add photos with my hair done & the outfit for tonight later...
  14. xJUDYx

    hello from tennessee!

    heeey ladies..and gents! new here and i thought i'd say HEELLOOOOOO