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    Is body scrub good?

    I came across an article regarding the matter. I was intrigued by the benefits and was wondering should I get one too?
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    How To Safely Shop During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Wear a mask. Keep a safe distance from one another. Take proper care of your hygiene. Make sure to wash your hands before and after eating. Use hand sanitizers frequently throughout the day. And most importantly to remove your mask only when doing activities such as eating, drinking or running...
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    Affordable Fragrances?

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    High waist jeans. Yay or nay?

    Yeah... Nope..
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    Do you know any skincare tips?

    Hello, I'm Beverly and I am a student trying to find skincare routine on a budget. Is there any facial products that worked for you and are there any tips on maintaining a healthy skin?
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    Does facial helps?

    I want to know if going to facials really help. I find that my skin is rather bad and I want to know if I should go for it.
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    What do you gals do to de-stress?

    What are the things you gals do to relax during stressful events and how do I avoid it entirely?
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    Natural Vitality Calm Gummies

    Does it include worldwide delivery?
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    which facial or body features arent you satisfied with?

    I don't like how skinny I am. Sometimes carrying heavy items hurts my wrist just because it's too small.
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    What I like to do during this period..

    I play sports like basketball and go for a run during weekends. I love the outdoors and enjoying the beauty of nature at my local park. It's refreshing. I encourage anyone to try it. Once you get the hang of it. You wouldn't want to stay indoors for too long.
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    How do you find a hair that suits you?

    First go and look at hairstyles on google or YouTube and pick your favorite. Thereafter, try mimic the hair style and see which is the right fit for you.
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    what's your guys unwanted hair remove solution

    Hair removable cream.
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    Do you wear jewelry?

    I used to wear rings. I misplaced them months ago. I feel so naked now. I'm still looking for a ring to replace them. Can't find one so far. I'm really picky.
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    Recommendations to keep my contour on my face.

    This is great, my skin is oily as well. The setting spray helped me a lot.
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    fav. perfumes?

    YES Givenchy :love:
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    Foundation Recommendations?

    I would love to try the Cosmetics CC Cream.
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    Cartier Love Bangle or Juste Un Clou Bracelet

    Definitely Cartier Love Bangle Rose Gold.
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    What was your childhood dream?

    I was wondering what everyone is doing right now. What was your childhood dream? Have you achieved it yet?
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    Risk Of Falls, How to save your loved ones.

    Falls are the leading cause of injury-related visits to emergency departments in the United States and the primary etiology of accidental deaths in persons over the age of 65 years. The mortality rate for falls increases dramatically with age in both sexes and in all racial and ethnic groups...