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  1. gabi03

    Long time no Post

    Wet N Wild Trio in Silent Treatment, NARS Lovejoy blush VDay Look: mufe no 92, 18, 158 and MAC vibrant grape
  2. gabi03

    Multicolored Goodness using MUFE

    Eyes: MUFE Shadows No: 92, 83, 101, and 54. Black gel liner. Ardell Lashes Face: Sunbasque blush, Cherry Blossom lipgloss
  3. gabi03

    Going Bananas at how Sassy I look lol

    Eyes: sassy grass, going bananas, atlantic blue, lime, soft ochre, ardell lashes, feline eyeliner Face: NARS Gilda, I think MUFE glossy full in 03
  4. gabi03

    Partylicious all night long

    Eyes Partylicious pigment (wet), mufe aqua cream no 21, mufe no 158, mufe no 82, feline eyeliner, bss false lashes Face mufe foundation 173, get away bronze, mufe glossy full no 3
  5. gabi03

    New NARS Palettes

    not sure if this is a repost, but have ya'll seen the new NARS palettes that have just come out. I got mine from Nordies. They are made of a nylon fabric and it zips closed! The Eye and Cheek "Only You" (9956) Eyes: Alhambra, Mekong, Eurydice, Pandora Cheek: Hungry Heart, Orgasm The...
  6. gabi03

    It's Raining, It's Pouring

    YouTube - It's Raining, It's Pouring
  7. gabi03

    WOC CAN rock Viva Glam in Lady Gaga!

    I copied the look off of MAC's Gaga facechart but I just tweaked some colors based off of my own personal preferences. I'm so glad they repromoted Nanogold, and my Artifact Paint Pot needs more love I realized. And I really wish Carbon were a darker black. Even though you can't see it I have...
  8. gabi03

    Stars N... Grapes?

    Eyes: Vellum, Stars N Rockets, Grape pigment, Arena Face: Armani Luminous Silk in 9.5 I can't remember the blush Cargo lipgloss in South Beach
  9. gabi03

    What to pair with brown lipstick?

    I've got MAC's O and Shag but everytime I try to go use them, I feel like i've stepped back into the 90's...Any tips on how to modernize brown lipsticks? Like I don't even know what kind of eyeshadow to try...
  10. gabi03

    Celebrating the NARS stash

    i'm not sure if i posted these photos up, i forgot i had em. NARS eurydice, NARS Tokyo and some Feline eyeliner on the eyes NARS Mounia blush, NARS Sandpiper on the lips
  11. gabi03

    Freshly Watered

    Since it keeps raining here non stop I figured the name was fitting Freshwater is such a BADa$$ color. So is contrast but Carbon not so much. Oooh and Eversun blush is so pretty, too bad it only shows up in the winter on me. and Siss lipstick, what brown girl doesn't have this in her...
  12. gabi03

    Quick Love Lace Look

    Eyes: MAC Love Lace, Hypnotizing, and Suave Intentions, feline eyeliner, ardell lashes Face: On a mission blush, 2n lipgloss, mufe hd foundation in 173
  13. gabi03

    Soft and Neutral Glamour (wedding)

    I did a wedding look for someone so here it is Eyes: Alahambra, Cheyenne, India Song, Pandora (all NARS duos) Face: MUFE #173, MUFE HD powder, Eversun blush by MAC, Hot Gossip lipstick from MAC
  14. gabi03

    Homegrown Misdemeanor...did that make sense lol?

    And who doesn't love a Northface Denali jacket in December! Its a required piece of clothing to live in the NW... Urban Decay Book of Shadows 2: homegrown, misdemeanor, saddle MAC, soba MAC, mascara Face: Taj Mahal and Live and Dye lipglass And if anyone knows how to get clear upclose photos...
  15. gabi03

    A very delayed Halloween look

    Since I couldn't dress up at work, i tried to be festive with my eyes! Eyes: NARS Mediterranee duo, Pandora duo, Ardell lashies Lips: NYX Iced Coffee lip pencil lipstick
  16. gabi03

    My first 40's pinup look...kinda

    Actually I do this everyday for work (minus the white liner and falsies) cause i'm too lazy to do anything else, but this is the first time i've photographed myself Eyes: Ricepaper, Soba, Saddle, Blacktrack fluidline Face: MUFE HD in 173, NARS Taj Mahal, Brick lipliner, Kanga Rogue lipstick
  17. gabi03

    Glittery Purple Party Eyes!

    I'm sorry you can't see the glitter.... Eyes: Kat von D Palette in True Love. I used Babe, Cholita, Shiba and Missy (gotta love those names), Urban Decay glitter liner in Heavy Metal, Blacktrack and some mascara Lips: Up the Amp lipstick and Fast Friends lipgloss all from MAC
  18. gabi03

    Sparkly Smoky Eye (inspired by qofb)

    Her look was absolutely gorgeous! Eyes: Cinderfella, Creme de Miel, Ardell lashes, Elecktra, Black greasepaintstick Face: Brunette MSF, Faultlessly lipstick, Current lipliner
  19. gabi03

    Halloween Vampire Trial Run

    This is just one of the costumes i'll be wearing this weekend so I had to trial run my makeup before hand And I love my natural widows peak!!! Eyes: black creme base Dangerzone mineralize in black and red Stila shadow in a light pink beige Ardell lashes MAC Feline eyeliner Face: NARS...
  20. gabi03

    Style Black: Lips...wish these colors were daytime friendly

    Lips: Night violet lipstick, Currant lipliner, Blackfire glimmerglass Lips: Midnight Media lipstick, Black russian eyeliner and Smoulder eyeliner, MUFE clear lipgloss