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  1. Kristal

    Sonya Dakar

    I have Sonya Dakar's triple action organic scrub and her hydrasoft lotion and i love them both! are there any other products that i need to try, and are there and i should never even glance at? her line is pricey so i dont want to waste money so any input is very helpful. TIA!
  2. Kristal

    Dame VS. Pink Swoon

    Are they similar? Which one do you like better? Which one do you think would look better on my currently NC35 skin? TIA!!
  3. Kristal

    What lipstick is she wearing?

    I love the lipstick that megan fox is wearing but i have no idea what it is. Do you guys have any idea? Your help is highly appreciated. TIA!
  4. Kristal

    Newly Minted HELP!

    I love this color but i cant getit to stick on my eyelids to save my life! I used it with bare canvas paint,what base do you use with this eyeshadow?