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  1. moustibeil

    FAFI quad #1

    FAFI Quad 1 I went to my MAC counter on thrusday and met a wonderful MA/SA who helped me with chosing a liquid foundation and helped me creating this look on a face chart. I re did it today and i'm quite happy about that one. Face: MAC Mineralize SatinFinish NW20 MAC select cover up in NW20...
  2. moustibeil

    I wanted a sunkissed look!

    So here is my fotd for today, i tried my best at the sun kissed look Feel free to coment! Face: BE in medium BE well rested for eyes concealer BE warmth and Faux tan as bronzer Mineral Veil BE true as blush Technakhol in brownborder Eyes sweet sienna pig. used wet Your ladyship pig. Mac prep...
  3. moustibeil

    Playing with piggies:Sweet sienna and your ladyship

    [FONT=Garamond]Hey guys, here is the look i've made with some of my piggies i've received this morning Thanks for peeking Face: BE in medium BE warmth (totally re-discovered) Nars orgasm BE mineral veil Eyes: UDPP Mac piggies your ladyship tan sweetsienna naked and chocolate brown used wet as...
  4. moustibeil

    Smoked by smoke signal

    So i had those samples in my drawer and i've never really put them to try so today, after watching dozen of mu vids on youtube, i decided that even if i wasn't going out today, i could put mu on! here is what i did! Face: BE in medium BE well rested for eyes as concealer BE clear radiance Nars...
  5. moustibeil

    Ikea home made mu storage!!!

    So i've began that mu collection last sept i think... Well here it is now: So here it is guys, i went to ikea this afternoon and i bought this... Assembled and painted myself, fingers still hurting but i love it! So i think that i should share this with you lol Thanks for peeking, comments...
  6. moustibeil

    Spiced Vanilla

    Hello ladies! A quick FOTD!!! I used: For the face BE medium Clear radiance and glee as bushes For the eyes: UDPP Vanilla Pig Trax e/s Tell me what you think Thanks for peeking
  7. moustibeil

    Pigment experience

    Hey guys, here is a quick FOTD! I'm sorry for the pics, but, night is falling fast here and there's wasn't enough light I used: For the eyes: UDPP Kitchmas pigment Rev-ved up pig Copperclast Pig For the face: BE medium and BE Glee as bush on the lips; some sephora lip gloss Tell me...
  8. moustibeil

    Because less is more

    Hey guys! Here is my no mu make up for today! Tell me what you think I used: BE in medium BE well rested as concealer BE true as blush Thanks for peeking!!! +++
  9. moustibeil

    When steamy meets cranberry

    Hey guys, i did a little experiment tonight!! Tell me what you think!!!! On the face: BE medium beige, warmth and glee as blushes On the eyes cranberry E/S Steamy e/s Surreal e/s Loreal double extension mascara on the lips some H&M lipbalm here it is: And this one which...
  10. moustibeil

    Advice: Select cover up as a e/s base, any risks of creasing???

    Hey there, i need advice, i plan to use my MAC concealer as a base. I usually use UDPP but it's transparent and i need my lid a little bit more light so... anyway, i was wondering if any of you had tired it as a base and if there was any creasing!!! thks guys
  11. moustibeil

    Surreal and Steamy!!!

    Hey guys, this is my first attempt at green, and i admit, i was a little worried! lol tell me what you think For the face: Bare minerals medium "get started kit" no lip gloss, i always forget about it! For the eyes: UDPP Surreal e/s Steamy e/s Black track fluid line L'oreal double extention...
  12. moustibeil

    It may sound stupid...

    Hey guys, last week I went to the Mac pro store in Paris and on of the MA was doing one lady make up! I'm really interrested in this! lol I was wondering if any of you knew how it worked. Do I have to come without make up? How much does this cost? Thanks for your help
  13. moustibeil

    I'm beauty Marked!And I love it!

    Let me know what you think This one is without the flash...
  14. moustibeil

    My First attempt at MAC m/u

    So this is it! My First time with MAC, My first time with back, i was afraid I would look like i'm tired or anything! lol Tell me what you think For the face: Bourgeois compact foundation sable rosé Terracota from Guerlain for blondes Loose powder from bourgeois For the eyes as always, urban...
  15. moustibeil

    Taupe Satin & Pink Venus

    That's what I wore yesterday to go to work I think it'sd lighter than the other colors i usually use but hey! lol Tell me what you think For my face i used Loose powder from Bourgeois Sun powder from NUXE For my eyes Urban decay primer potion MAC NW 20 concealer Pink venus all over the...
  16. moustibeil

    Golden black tied!

    hey guys! This is my first post! I've tried a new look for tonight! Tell me what you think I've used: for the eyes: NW20 concealer from MAC Primer Potion from Urban Decay M692A from make up forever MAC in black tied L'oreal "double extention" mascara (sorry about the name but i don't know...
  17. moustibeil

    Hey there!

    Hey everyone! I'm new there so I think it's time for introductions! My name is Marine, I live in France and I'm a make up addict! I've just bought my first my products that should be arriving soon! I hope so! I'm so excited!