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  1. sophistichic

    Dealing With People Who Just Can't Listen.

    I've got some friends who have this huge "I don't listen" mantra that they have. They totally ignore what everyone says and I cannot work work with them anymore! They love just talking on and on and on... What do you ladies do about people who don't listen?
  2. sophistichic

    Needing Some Advice~!!!!!

    So far right now I'm doing pretty good in all my classes and I've got a really good job with Clinique which is pulling me through university... I got a letter from MIT (Massachusetts institute of tech) saying they'll accept me next year (which is like AHH why didn't you send this in the...
  3. sophistichic

    Hey~ I'm new? lol

    Hey ya'll... I'm from a little city called Victoria (Canada) and new to Specktra~ I LOVE MAC, especially their Barbie collection! Oh yah I love NYX too, just cause it's so much cheaper and you know... a girl's got to pay her Well, that's it... TOODLES~