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  1. pichima

    EOTD -- prrrrple pop

    this is something I did before I removed my makeup... and this is me this morning, with my basic natural m/u... (I swear i was wearing two or three shades of brown e/s... )-- but the pic shows nothing!.. don't mind my brows, they're really ugly, but I hate filling them in, it makes me feel...
  2. pichima


    Hello everybody! this is my FOTD, it's really nothing special but my boyfriend took some pics ...hen I took a couple more, and i decided to post the only one in wich I didn't look like I was ill here--- it's been ages since I last posted a FOTD ( 2007 I guess (!?"!) please bear in mind that...
  3. pichima


    lustreglass, love nectar paintpot, bare study heirlooms: 4 face brushes
  4. pichima

    halloween - a tear of blood

    this is what I did last night, it looked sooo much darker in real life!! btw, the red tear was supposed to be a bit straighter hhaha - I know! but I did this in a hurry, and had not planned what I was going for-- just improvised. this is what I used: face: avene couvrance mixed with...
  5. pichima


    Hello everybody! this is my FOTD... damn! no matter how hard I try it always looks nude! anyway, here's what I used FACE avene couvrance fluid base (naturel), mixed with moisturiser clinique quick corrector, light clarins stop shine powder l'oreal blush delicieux , pink grapefruit guerlain's...
  6. pichima

    a couple of eye basics!

    artdeco eyeshadow base (i neeeeeeeeeeded it so badly) artdeco e/s 218
  7. pichima

    *the (ma)X factor*

    I was a bit bored after lunch, so I decided to play with a max factor eyeshadow I hadn't used for ages...! please bear with my skin 'cause it's quite hot today and I didn't feel like wearing foundation at all...^^ this is the ( washed out by the light) result :confused: what I used FACE...
  8. pichima

    *very soft metallic whim*

    hello everybody! this is my 2nd FOTD so please bear with me... hope you like it I used.. FACE guerlain fleur de teint ultra mat , rose naturel Clinique quick corrector, light MAC blot powder, medium dark Chanel turbulent blush EYES some sephora metallic creamy eyeshadow (white-grey) as a...
  9. pichima

    My stuff *

    Hello everyone! these are a couple of pics of my 'toys' except the brushes ( which I forgot to take a picture ) and several tinted moisturisers that I don't use but still live near these two plastic trays... As you can see, I own very little MAc stuff (which is a pitty:confused - but the thing...
  10. pichima

    my First FOTD ever! (a natural look)

    Hello everybody! this is my 1st FOTD , hope you like it... I'm a bit embarrassed because the colours look a bit washed out in the pics:confused: ... and above all, because my looks are not very creative, I usually stick to pinks and neutrals, so please bear with me this is what I used FACE...
  11. pichima

    my first pics on specktra!!! ( blush)

    Hello everybody! as I still don't feel confident enough to post a face of the day ... here's some pics of me ^^ in the 1st one I'm wearing woodwinked eyeshadow ( i'd just bought it the day before ) --- that was like 4 o 5 months ago, still had a fringe and medium lenght hair... in the second...
  12. pichima

    new chick around!^^

    hello everybody!!! finally decided to register, hope to learn lots of stuff here:dancey: I've had a look at the tutorials, oh my god you are all amazing